Who is actor Daljeet Singh Kalsi financer of Amritpal Singh, biography, movies, age, Instagram

Daljeet Singh Kalsi is Amritpal Singh’s personal assistant, knowing his age and movies

Learn more about his background, arrest circumstances and more.

Daljeet Singh Kalsi, alias Sarabjeet Singh Kalsi, was detained on Sunday, March 19, while the investigation into the whereabouts of Amritpal Singh’s pro-Khalistani group Waris Punjab De continued.

Kalsi is said to have served as an advisor and financier to Waris Punjab De. He was arrested when Punjab police tried to arrest Amritpal Singh, the head of the Khalistani-backed group ‘Waris Punjab de’. He was arrested in Gurgaon.

Who is Actor Daljeet Singh Kalsi Amritpal Singh’s Finance, Biography, Movies, Age & Instagram

Along with Kalsi, 78 people were reportedly detained, some for interrogation. Since news of his detention became public, he has become a hot topic, with people across the country wanting to know more about him.

So, here’s what we know about him:

Who is Daljeet Singh Kalsi?

Daljeet Singh Kalsi is a well-known figure in the Punjabi entertainment industry. He was in the news because of his recent arrest for his association with the pro-Khalistani group “Waris Punjab de”.

He is from Amritsar, Punjab. According to his Facebook profile, he studied at Delhi University. Daljeet Kalsi is an actor and writer, known for Sardar saab (2016) and Jagga Jiunda E (2018). Although his date of birth is not known, he is believed to be between 35-45 years old. His family knows nothing.

In the film ‘Jagga Jiunda E’, Punjabi cinema welcomes Daljeet Kalsi as a tough cop. “Jagga Jiunda E” portrays Daggett as an honest DSP who is fearless and fighting the evils of drug trafficking.

Daljeet Singh Kalsi alias Sarabjeet Singh Kalsi, an adviser and patron of Amritpal Singh, was arrested on Sunday.

In February, OpIndia reported that Amritpal Singh was using social media including Clubhouse, where Daljeet Kalsi was also a speaker in a recording in the Clubhouse room, to promote his Khalistani agenda.

his career

Daljeet Singh Kalsi is a Punjabi actor known for his supporting roles in several Punjabi films. His Facebook page also states that he is a director of All Time Movies Private Limited.

Apart from that, he is believed to be well connected in the Punjabi film industry as he often uploads pictures of famous Punjabi artists on his social media platforms. He also has 114,000 followers on Instagram, where he often posts pictures and videos related to his activities. Many Punjabi artists also followed him.

He also posted a lot about “Waris Punjab de” and its leader, Amritpal Singh.

Why was Daljeet Singh Kalsi arrested?

Daljeet Singh Kalsi is known to be a close associate and patron of Waris Punjab de head Amritpal Singh. He was also a close aide to the late actor and activist Deep Sidhu. He is believed to be an adviser and financier to controversial groups working for separatist forces in Punjab. That’s why he was arrested.

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