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Who Are Tina Leung Siblings? Meet Alda, Tawny, Katrina Leung!

Alda, Tawny, and Katrina Leung are Netflix’s three younger siblings bling empire Star Liang Tianna. While fans of the show got to see Sister Katrina, this was a chance to get to know the remaining two sisters.

Learn more about their ages, jobs and marital status in this article below.

Who are the siblings of Bling Empire Star Tina Leung?

bling empire Star Leung Tina is a self-made woman who not only paved the way to success for herself, but inspired her three siblings to do the same. When she was about 2 years old, they moved to the United States and settled in Cali. Things took a turn for the worse for the family when they moved to Hong Kong nearly a decade later.

“Growing up, I wouldn’t say I had the closest relationship with my parents,” Tina explained on the show. “My dad was doing really well for himself at one point. He made baby stuff for Evenflo, Gerber. He had a chauffeur cum bodyguard, he had a private jet to pick him up and we were always first class, but then that went away … So, I had to be financially independent in my early 20s.”

According to Tina and her sister Katrina, family life was difficult. Her father was away most of the time because of work, while their mother was stressed and sometimes acted “crazy”. As the oldest child, Tina decided it was time to take matters into her own hands and allow herself to make a difference.

Now, she’s become a social media icon, an “It Girl.” Leung, a fashion influencer with over 330,000 followers on Instagram, designs shoes in collaboration with the likes of Keds and Topshop. She also collaborates with famous brands such as Valentino, Loewe, Gucci, Tod’s and Roberto Cavalli, travels frequently to events and sits front row at fashion weeks. Even more impressive, she has amassed a net worth of nearly $5 million, living the life of a “rich Asian.”

So, back to Tina’s sisters, who were named Alda Leung (@Aldar), tawny beams (@tawlly), and Katrina Leung (@Katrinaleunf).

What are they doing now? Are they close? Learn more about them below.

Meet Alda Leung, sister of Tina Leung

Alda Leung is the second daughter born to Tina Leung’s parents. She is two years younger than Tina.

Alda Leung is 38 years old this year. She was born on November 1, 1984.

Alda Leung is the creative director andy swimming. Her roots are in Brooklyn and Hong Kong, and she is an art director by profession. As a creative director, she is responsible for the fusion of aesthetics, marketing and logistics. She approaches her work from opposite but complementary perspectives.

Also, as an art director, she is drawn to the unexpected and develops new concepts from them. Her main area of ​​expertise and main goal is to find and produce coherent and convincing visual solutions. In her free time, she tends to her potentially insane number of houseplants and makes adult-sized homeware around Halloween.

Alda worked on branding campaigns (Spring 2020, VistaPets, Aerial Adventures, etc.), branding (Andie-Style Guide and Andie-Website redesign), promotional design (Klang, Tutorlist and Christie’s “Peggy and David Rockefeller Collection” ” ‘), as well as various print and event works.

Arda attended Dana Hall School and the Chinese International School. She studied fine arts at USC. In addition, she studied at Parsons School of Design.

According to her FB relationship status, Alda Leung is single.

Meet Tawny Leung, Tina Leung’s sister

Tina Leung’s second sister is Tawny Leung. She was three years younger than Arda and five years younger than Tina.

In January 2023, Tony Leung will be 35 years old. 1987 is her birth year and September is her birth month.

Tawny Leung began her career at Bergdorf Goodman in 2007 as a Human Resources Intern and a Purchasing Intern. In 2008, she worked as a marketing and sales intern at Debeers Diamond Jewelers. In 2009, worked as an intern in the sales department of LANVIN. She was then hired by LANVIN as Merchandise Coordinator, where she worked until January 2011.

From March 2011 to September 2019, Tawny held various positions at Lane Crawford (merchandise coordinator, assistant buyer, buyer, senior buyer and purchasing manager). Since September 2019, she has worked full-time at Burberry as Merchandise Manager.

tawny attend

Yes, Tawny Leung is married to her husband Julian Chow. They tied the knot in May 2019. They tied the knot after more than ten years together.

In August 2022, Tawny wished her husband a happy birthday, “Happy birthday to the best guy ever. It’s about celebrating more and more birthdays together—hope we don’t look old…like these two Same as the photo.”

They share a young daughter.

Meet Katrina Leung, sister of Tina Leung

Katrina Leung is the youngest of four daughters of Tina Leung’s parents. After the show premiered, she announced, “#BLINGEMPIRENY out today #numberonefan”

Katrina is 29 years old. Her date of birth was 19 July 1993.

Katrina Leung is Director of Awards at the James Beard Foundation.she also served as Awards Coordinator. She has also worked as a captain/server at Tapuz Event Staffing, MME Ink, Maiden Lane Events & Food Trends Catering.

Additionally, Katrina has served as a moderator at Momofuku, a clinical research coordinator at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, a brand ambassador at V Squared Events, and a research assistant at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. She holds a BA in Psychology from Haverford College.

Katrina is an aspiring chef without any professional background or training. However, she showcases her extraordinary work on her IG.

according to Backstage, she is also an actress. She trained at the Lee Strasberg School of Theater and Film, the Carol Bateman School of Ballet, Vassar College and Bryn Mawr College.

In addition, she has appeared in three theatrical productions, playing (Rebecca and Mrs. Soames) in Our Town, Sarah in Blue, Oh My Palimpsest (as Bagya) and Friar Francis in Much Ado About Nothing.

  • Is Leung Ka-xin married?

Katrina Leung started dating back in 2018. She was last seen with her so-called boyfriend, Gabe Friendman, in August 2018. In April 2018 she wished her boyfriend a happy birthday and my gluten free soy free dairy free partner ate. ’ They first appeared together in September 2017.

Her current relationship status is unknown, but she is unmarried.

Related FAQs

  • Brother and sister Liang Tianna half mother?

Yes, Liang Tianna’s siblings are half-brothers.

  • Is Tina Leung on Instagram brother and sister?

Find Tina Leung siblings on social media.

Arda: FB (@aleung84) and IG (@Aldar)

Tan: FB (@tan) & funny (@tawlly)

Katrina: FB (@katrina.leung.77) & funny (@katrinaleunf).

  • Brother and sister Liang Tianna appeared in “Bling Empire”?

Only younger brother Jiaxin Leung has been on it bling empire.

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