Who Are Ryley Tate Wilson Parents: Todd And Kelley Wilson?

Alabama native Ryler Tate Wilson performs a blind rendition of Robyn’s “Dancing By Myself” on the March 13 episode of The Voice’s 23rd season (Dancing On My Own), wowed all the judges and got a chance to turn 4 chairs. At 15, Ryley has the chance to become the youngest winner of The Voice series.

In this wiki article, let’s meet the parents of this teen star. Read on to learn about Todd Wilson and Kelley Wilson.

VOICE: Who are Ryley Tate Wilson’s parents?

Ryley wowed all 4 judges with her performance on Dancing On My Own, Kelly Clarkson was the first to change her hairstyle, followed by Niall Horan, Blake Shelton and then the rapper Chance. Granted, Lehrer was “very nervous” during his performance, but the judges said he didn’t look nervous at all. When asked about his musical influences, Ryler said, “I like Steve Lacy and Ritt Momney. I like Frank Ocean, so a lot of R&B influences.”

Ryley’s audition had Niall say, “Ryley, my head almost exploded. By a long shot, this is the best audition we’ve seen here.” Kelly interjected, “I was light years ahead of everyone else. I Heard your tone and I was like ‘this is incredible.’ Your voice is crazy! I love working with young people. I have actually won many times with young talent… I think I can Be your best coach.”

Blake even said: ‘…I’ve coached here for 23 seasons and I’ve won with all kinds of artists. You choose me as your coach and I’m not going to coach after this season. Chance the Rapper noticed Ryley’s interest in R&B and thought he would be a good fit for his group. “You’re so talented, man… what really got me was the ending, where you just improvised and really just felt like the song came out. I love the way the run is controlled. Like you said, it feels very experimental Sexual R&B, like Steve Lacy,” he told Ryley.

However, the March 13 episode of The Voice 23 ended without revealing who Ryley chose as his coach. Fans will have to tune in to NBC this coming Monday and Tuesday to find out who Ryley has chosen as a mentor.

More chatter about the teen superstar, who already released a song called “Anna Magdelena” in 2022 before appearing in an audition for The Voice.

Also, besides being a great singer, Riley is also a talented photographer. He has a separate IG handle (Photography by @tatewilson) dedicated to the art of photography. Most of the photos on that IG handle are of people and animals. However, Ryley has not uploaded anything since March 2, 2022. It appears the talented 15-year-old hasn’t taken any time off from his musical pursuits to focus on photography.

Scroll below to learn about Ryley’s father, Todd Wilson, and his mother, Kelley Wilson.

Meet Todd Wilson, Father of Ryley Tate Wilson

As of March 2023, we do not have a photo of Riley with his father, Todd Wilson. According to Todd’s Facebook, his parents are Charles Wilson (father) and Teresa Wilson (mother). Todd’s mother turns 67 at the end of 2022.

Todd Wilson was born in April 1983, according to radaris.com. That would make him 39 years old as of 2023.

According to Todd’s LinkedIn account, he works as a firefighter/paramedic with the Montgomery Fire Department. At the time of writing, no other information on the details of his work was available.

  • Is Todd Wilson on Instagram?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find Todd on Instagram. However, he can be reached under his own name on Facebook. He has a total of 47 friends on Facebook.

Meet Kelley Wilson, Mother of Ryley Tate Wilson

On February 18, 2023, Ryley’s mother, Kelley Wilson, shared on Facebook that her son would be one of the contestants on season 23 of The Voice. She wrote: “Hey – we have a big announcement we’ve been waiting to share with you all~ TODAY is finally RELEASE!!! Look for Ryley Tate in the next season of The Voice premiering March 6th on NBC .”

Kelly’s mother, Lisa Bannister, will turn 60 in June 2022. She is the secretary of Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy. In addition, Kelley has a brother named Caleb Vickers, who will be 36 years old as of March 2023.

According to radaris.com, Kelley was born in July 1982, making her age 40 at the time of writing.

Unfortunately, we don’t have much information on what Kelley will be doing in 2023. However, her Linked Handle is still her occupation as a nurse.

  • Kelly Wilson on Instagram?

Like her husband, Kylie doesn’t use Instagram. As of March 2023, she has more than 740 friends on her Facebook account.

Related FAQs

  • Where do Ryley Tate Wilson’s parents live?

Ryley Tate Wilson’s parents lived in Montgomery, Alabama.

  • Are Ryley Tate Wilson’s parents still married?

Riley’s parents, Todd and Kelly Wilson, were married on June 22, 2003, according to their Facebook. At the time of writing, the two are still married.

  • How many children did Ryley Tate Wilson’s parents have?

Ryley’s parents had an estimated 5 children, including Ryley. On November 19, 2018, Kelley posted photos of all five of her children, arranged in order of age from oldest to youngest.

Todd and Kelly’s eldest son, Todd, will turn 17 on October 4, 2022, while their other child, Reed, will turn 13 on August 3, 2022.

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