Who Are Jeremiah Raber Parents: Larry Hiltabidel And Sherry?

season 6 of back to the amish Watch Jeremiah Raber struggle with the death of his father. Why doesn’t he? After all, he might be the reason his father was killed!

So, who are Jeremiah Raber’s parents? Learn all about them as you scroll down.

Back to the Amish: Who were Jeremiah Raber’s parents?

Jeremiah Raber’s parents are Larry Hiltabidel and Sherry.but he only knows about it back to the amish Season 5 revealed that Dennis (who claimed to be his father) was not his biological father after he had a DNA test.

for those new to back to the amish, Dennis (who is married to Jeremiah’s biological mother) made several appearances on the show. He claimed to be Jeremiah’s father.but as back to the amish Star didn’t feel the “spark” he expected to feel when meeting his biological family, he took a DNA test.

Now, when it comes to Jeremiah’s path to finding his biological father, it certainly wasn’t easy. From hitting a dead end with a potential father to connecting with a blood relative, he’s been on an emotional roller coaster. He even met his cousins ​​and even spoke to his grandmother on the phone.

But when he finally found his father, he was dead.

Apparently, Jeremiah didn’t take the news well. His hopes of meeting his father and establishing a father-son relationship were dashed in an instant. The stress even contributed to his infertility.

However, Jeremiah did get a tattoo (with his father’s name, date of birth and date of death) in honor of his father in July 2021.

Meet Larry Hiltabidel, Father of Jeremiah Raber

Larry Hiltabidel was the biological father of Jeremiah Raber.

He was born in Cuyahoga Falls to Ronald and Mona Hiltabide. In addition, he has brothers Jeffery, Thomas and David, and sisters William Peters, Darlene Parks and Duane Rex.

  • What happened to Larry Hilta Biddle?

Larry Hiltabidel was murdered by his wife Sheila Hiltabide!He was reportedly stabbed to death at his home and died in Barton Civic Hospital 11:52 p.m., about two hours later.

As a detective, Mr Mosley said, “We’re not sure what caused the stabbing, but what we do know are some of the events that took place that night.”

But according to Jeremiah, while his mother was married to Dennis, she had an affair with her sister’s husband, Larry. That’s when she was pregnant. So, after the truth came out, Larry’s wife (his mom’s sister) murdered him.

Larry was stabbed in the chest by his wife when he got home late at around 10 p.m. after a night out with friends, the report said. He then walked out of the house and neighbors quickly called 911. Unfortunately, help came too late and it took him two hours to breathe his last.

Also, at the same time that Larry was murdered, Mystic and Aaron Raber adopted back to the amish Star. To be precise, Jeremiah was born in January 1980, the same year he was taken away from his birth mother. So, it wasn’t until later in 1981 that they officially adopted him.

As for Larry’s wife, Sheila pleaded guilty in court to manslaughter. She received a plea deal of 5-25 years in prison. But four years later, she too died, at the age of 33.

Jeremiah now blames himself for his father’s death as a result of this tragic event.

  • Larry Hiltabidel Age at Death

Larry Hiltabidel passed away on December 21, 1981. He was 24 years old at the time.

His murdered/wife Sheila Hiltabidel, on the other hand, was 29 at the time.

Larry’s occupation remains a mystery.

Meet Sherry, Jeremiah Raab’s Mother

Sherry is Jeremiah Raber’s biological mother.

According to Jeremiah, she became pregnant with Dennis while she was married to him. But there are a few different timelines, one of which suggests Shelly was pregnant when she met Dennis.

So, given Shirley wasn’t honest about what happened. The veracity of the whole story is questionable. Jeremiah’s mother not only lost the child’s biological father, but also the sister who killed the man she slept with. It’s unbelievably bizarre.

Most viewers don’t believe a word Shirley said.In fact, many despised her for the way she treated Jeremiah break the amish. In the ep she even once told him that he is not her son and she has all the children who love her. What a cruel thing to tell your own children!

But Jeremiah loved her unconditionally, she was his mother after all.

On the other hand, he doesn’t sit well with his adoptive family. “I’ve never really relied on [their] Rules because I know I’m not Amish. Don’t get me wrong, they do have good things happening. Then just because I didn’t live up to their expectations, my adoptive mother looked me straight in the eye and told me 3 different times that she didn’t know why she adopted me,” he explained.

Yes, as of 2023 Shirley is likely still alive.

Sherry must be over 60 years old.

Shirley did not disclose her work.

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  • Where are Jeremiah Raber’s parents from?

Jeremiah’s parents were from Barberton, Ohio.

  • Do Jeremiah Raber’s parents have more children?

Jeremiah was the only child of his parents.

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