Who Are Gulan McCain & Cheryl McGregor? Wiki Biography Viral Video Clip

There’s a very popular saying that love has no boundaries. Anyone can fall in love with anyone regardless of their appearance, age, cast, or any other thing. Well, a couple seems to be proving the above-mentioned statement true. We are talking about a 61-year-old woman who recently got married to her 24-year-old boyfriend. Gulan McCain, 24, and Cheryl McGregor, 61, tied the knot on September 3, 2021, and shut everyone’s mouths. Let us check the complete details of the news and about the newlywed couple who will definitely go down in history.

Due to their age gap, Cheryl is often mistaken for Quran’s grandmother. However, their relationship seems to be stronger than all the accusations and insults they face. The couple ignores all the hate thrown in their direction and just focuses on loving each other. This is the reason why they always remain in the headlines. Let us tell you that the couple live-streamed their wedding on their TikTok account.

Who Are Gulan McCain & Cheryl McGregor?

In the video, the 61-year-old bride was seen walking down the aisle while wearing a white wedding dress with a lace-up corset. Cheryl’s hair was loose curls at the wedding. On another side, Quran wore a cream suit and dyed his hair and beard for the occasion. Quran had stated that they live-streamed their wedding on TikTok. They got married in Tennessee. He added that his best friend was there and after that, they went to the Bones BBQ Joint and had a really good meal there.

Talking about their story, let us tell you that the couple met back in 2012. At that time, Gulan was 15 and was working at a fast-food restaurant run by Cheryl’s son Chris. The pair was not in touch for some years. According to reports, the couple reconnected on November 4, 2020, when Quran saw Cheryl at a Supermarket checkout. On July 31, Quran finally proposed to Cheryl after becoming a couple in April this year.

Discussing the same, Quran stated that he decided to make Cheryl his wife for several reasons and went on to say that she was beautiful, elegant, strong, honest, and compassionate. Needless to say, Cheryl was shocked because she was not expecting that. The couple keeps getting trolled by netizens every now and then. However, it does not affect their relationship. Now, they have come to the headlines again and have become a hot topic on the internet. Follow us for more such latest updates and news.

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