Where Is Dustin Zito From ‘The Challenge’?

Dustin Zito first appeared on The Real World: Las Vegas in 2011, and then went on to compete in four seasons of The Challenge, finishing second in one of them. Since leaving the reality TV world in 2015, what has Dustin been up to?

What happened to Dustin Zito from ‘The Challenge?’

Dustin Zito has kept a low profile since his last appearance on reality TV in 2015, on The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2.

He currently resides in New York with his girlfriend Tova Ioannucci, whom he has been dating since 2017, and runs an Etsy account where he specializes in turning “real skateboard decks, skated by real skaters, into art with a function.”

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Tony Hawk, a professional skateboarder, commissioned him to design a lamp recently.

Aside from working on his pieces, Dustin enjoys spending time with his girlfriend, going on vacations and attending sporting events together. He uses his Instagram account to keep in touch with his followers.

Dustin debuted on ‘The Real World: Las Vegas’

In 2011, he made his reality television debut on The Real World: Las Vegas, where he was 36 years old at the time. Dustin, who was 24 at the time, talked about his mother’s bipolar disorder and his abusive stepfather, as well as his fears of developing the same disorder as his mother.

Dustin started dating Heather Marter, his roommate, during his time in the house. However, when it was revealed that he had previously done gay pornography, they split up, and his other co-stars felt betrayed.

Dustin has insisted that he is straight and that he is only doing it for the money. They reunited for The Challenge: Battle of the Exes (2012), but due to his knee injury, they were disqualified after two episodes.

Dustin and Heather rekindled their romance after their time on the show ended, and they moved in together. He quickly returned for Battle of the Seasons (2012) with three former roommates from Las Vegas, excluding Heather, and came in second place, earning a prize of $25,000.

Before leaving the reality TV world in 2013, he was also involved in legal issues.

When Dustin and Heather appeared on Season 3 of VH1’s Couples’ Therapy (2013), they appeared to be on the right track. In 2014, they did, however, part ways for good.

Dustin allegedly reached under a woman’s dress without her consent in a Louisiana bar around the same time. According to the Daily Mail, he then resisted arrest and was pepper-sprayed and struck by police officers.

Felony sexual battery, resisting an officer with violence, and disturbing the peace by public intoxication were among the charges leveled against the reality star. After that, Dustin took part in The Challenge for Free Agents (2014), where he was eliminated in the second episode.

He met Jessica McCain during his brief stay in the house, and the two collaborated on Battle of the Exes 2. They were eliminated in the first episode and were unable to win the “exiled” battles in order to re-enter the competition. Since his exit from The Challenge in 2015, Dustin hasn’t appeared on any other reality TV show. Paramount+ is airing The Challenge: All Stars 3.

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