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When Nicola Coughlan and Shonda Rhimes met, they ‘accidentally Oprah’d’ each other.

From her hilarious role on Derry Girls to her breakout role as Penelope Featherington on Netflix’s hit show Bridgerton, Nicola Coughlin is one of the biggest rising stars in Hollywood today. Coughlin discussed the upcoming season, her newfound celebrity, and her embarrassing first encounter with Shonda Rhimes in a new interview.

Nicola Coughlin talks season 3 of ‘Bridgerton’

Despite the fact that Bridgerton’s second season was only released a few months ago, fans are eagerly anticipating the next installment of the steamy Regency-era drama. Isn’t that one of the reasons they’re so pumped up? Penelope, played by Coughlin, and her budding romance with Colin Biridgerton will be the focus of Season 3.

In an interview with Extra, Coughlin said, “I’ve known [this season’s focus on Penelope and Colin] for quite some time, over a year actually.” “After two seasons of watching them build up to this point, it seemed like the right time.”

Season 3 of ‘Bridgerton,’ according to actor Nicola Coughlan, will focus on Colin and Penelope’s romance.

She also discussed the show’s infamous romance scenes, admitting that, despite the fact that Luke Newton, who plays Colin, is “amazing,” shooting any intimate scenes with him will “probably” be awkward due to their friendship.

The actor also talked about her newfound celebrity, recalling the moment she realized she was truly famous.

“I was in New York with a friend when I looked up and there was this fifty-foot-tall billboard of myself,” Coughlin explained. “I had no idea it was there, and I just started shouting ‘that’s me!’ and all these tourists were like,’sure.’”

Shonda Rhimes and Nicola Coughlin have an awkward first meeting.

Coughlin was ecstatic to collaborate with Shonda Rhimes, the creator of hit shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away with Murder. Coughlin, on the other hand, was embarrassed by their first meeting.

“The first time I met her, I unintentionally Oprah’d her,” the actor joked. “What I mean by that is that I took both of her hands and talked to her like this,” Coughlin explained, shaking her co-star Charithra Chandran’s hands slightly as she spoke.

“‘Why am I doing this?’ I wondered. As Chandran and their interviewer laughed, Coughlin continued, “This is not a thing I do.”

Despite the fact that Coughlin believes their first meeting was less than ideal, everything worked out in the end, and Rhimes is set to take center stage in season three.

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What can fans of ‘Bridgerton’ expect from season 3?

For those who haven’t seen Bridgerton, it’s a period drama set in Regency-era London that follows a large family. Previous seasons followed sister Daphne and brother Anthony as they tried to find love and marry.

Penelope, played by Coughlin, is a family friend who has had feelings for Colin Bridgerton, a Bridgerton brother, for a long time. Fans have been waiting for her to fall in love with him for the past two seasons, and they can’t wait to see it happen!

Season 3 of ‘Bridgerton’ promises comedy and’sexiness’ for Penelope and Colin, according to the show’s new showrunner.

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