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When making an X-rated comment while stirring pasta, an Instagram model drops jaws.

On her Instagram stories, an influencer made an X-rated remark.

Adriana Hughes isn’t afraid to discuss sex on her social media accounts.

The stunning model, who has over 361,000 followers on Instagram, is known for making subtle jabs at how men should treat women.

And now it appears that she’s done it once more, this time talking about vaginal health.

The social media star can be seen mixing a plate of saucy pasta in a video she shared on her Instagram stories.

But it’s the words she wrote in her caption that will have some people thinking: “How good p**** should sound.”

Although fans are unable to openly comment on her post, we’re sure she’s had some slip into her DMs.

Adriana Hughes was in the middle of preparing her meal when she made the sexist remark.

(Image: @adrianahughes)

Because she claims to use her page for artistic purposes, the model frequently writes captions that often make fans think.

Adriana had previously shared a short video of herself lying next to her cat in a stunning green lingerie set.

“When a woman finally realizes that pleasing the world is impossible,” it said in the post.

“She becomes free to learn how to please herself.”

Adriana posed on a beach in Dubai, where she currently lives, in a daring red bikini on another occasion.

“Middle school me would think I’m so hot, and that’s all that matters,” she wrote in her caption.

Previously, the model stunned the public by celebrating her 30th birthday in a sultry manner.

When she posed in her undies for the photo in the first photo, the bombshell was surrounded by pink and purple balloons.

The model has thousands of followers on Instagram

(Image: @adrianahughes)

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When she displayed her perky booty for the photo, she hid behind the dozens of balloons.

The model is then photographed skydiving while saying, “Yay, I didn’t die on my birthday!” in another photo.

Adriana showed off her birthday gift, a large bag from Tiffany and Co., after she described her day outing.

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