When is season 3 set in the Star Wars timeline?

The Mandalorian is finally returning to the screens in its highly anticipated Season 3, but with a fair amount of time since the show last aired, many need to revisit the show’s place in the Star Wars timeline .

The exact location of movies and TV shows on the Star Wars timeline is important to many fans, as it helps pinpoint specific moments and work out where various characters are likely to appear at any given time.

With centuries of history in the galaxy to keep an eye on, timelines can be difficult to piece together and navigate, so it’s no surprise that people have asked when The Mandalorian season 3 will start and if there’s a timeline since we last watched it on Disney+. Time has jumped since Mando and Grogu.

When is The Mandalorian happening?

The Mandalorian season 1 begins five years after the events of Return of the Jedi, taking place in ABY 9 (nine years after the Battle of Yavin in A New Hope).

When the show opens, the Empire is largely destroyed, save for a few remnants of the Empire scattered throughout the galaxy.

In its place was the New Republic, a new governing body established by the Rebel Alliance after defeating Emperor Palpatine – or so they thought.

However, the galaxy is a big place, and the rule of the New Republic is still being established by the time of the Mandalorians, which means that scum and evil are already ravaging those untouched regions of space.

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Jon Favreau Explains How Long It’s Been Since Season 2

With the upcoming third installment of The Mandalorian, show creator Jon Favreau revealed that since Mando and Grogu’s tearful farewell in the season 2 finale, the Star Wars universe has changed. About two years have passed.

As a result, this means that when The Mandalorian season 3 begins, we find ourselves in ABY 11, with Grogu and Mando now reunited and flying their new N-1 starfighter across the galaxy together.

“It could be about our real-time [the audience] been through,” Favreau explained in an interview with Variety.

“So when they said goodbye, that was the end of season 2,” he added. “About a year ago, when they broke up again, we checked out Boba Fett’s book [while Grogu was training with Luke] Then he rejoined The Mandalorian… so I think somewhere between zero and two years. “

Favreau then spoke briefly about the strict time period in which his massive Mando-verse shows have to air, saying: “In screen time, we know we only have 30 years to tell all our stories, and we have more to come. to speak.”

The Mandalorian’s place in the Star Wars timeline

With as many as 11 movies and an ever-growing list of TV shows and video games to keep track of, it’s no surprise that the Star Wars timeline can be a difficult thing to keep track of.

  • 32 years old | The Phantom Menace
  • Attack of the Clones at 22
  • 22 – 19 years old | The Clone Wars
  • 19 years old | Revenge of the Sith
  • 19 BBY——| bad batch
  • Age 14 | Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
  • 10 years old | Solo: A Star Wars Story
  • 9 years old | Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • 9 Years Old | Star Wars Jedi: Survivor
  • 5 BBY – 0 BBY | Andorra
  • 5 BBY – 0 BBY | Star Wars Rebels
  • 0 BB | Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
  • 0 Ratio/0 Ratio | A New Hope
  • 3 Farewell | The Empire Strikes Back
  • 4 Goodbye | Return of the Jedi
  • 9 ABY-c. 11 Goodbye | The Mandalorian
  • c. 9-11 Goodbye | The Book of Boba Fett
  • 34 Abby | The Force Awakens
  • 34 Abby | The Last Jedi
  • 35 Abby | The Rise of Skywalker
The Mandalorian © Lucasfilm | Disney+

The Mandalorian Season 3 Now available for streaming Disney+ after launch on Wednesday, March 1, 2023.

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