When do Mal and Alina kiss in Shadow And Bone season 2? Fans react

When did Mal and Alina kiss in Shadow And Bone season 2? HITC investigates.

Starting a new series is always exciting, but sometimes viewers find themselves frustrated and on the edge of their seats while waiting for their favorite characters to finally break the tension and kiss.

All Shadow and Bones fans will be able to relate, and the Netflix series has kept audiences in suspense since Season 1 premiered on the platform in April 2021.

This American fantasy series starring Jesse Meili (Alina), Ben Barnes (General Alexander Killigan) and others swept us away with outstanding performances and endless imagination, and finally brought Ray… Bardugo’s novel series made it to the silver screen.

Developed by Eric Heisserer, you’ll be delighted to see it return for Season 2, which lands on Thursday, March 16, 2023.

Back in the day, the people who transported Alina and Mal (Archie Renaux) would find themselves over the moon for a moment, esp. That is, when did Mal and Alina kiss in Shadow And Bone season 2?

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When did Mal and Alina kiss in Shadow And Bone season 2?

Mal and Alina share a passionate kiss at 15 minutes into episode 1, titled “No Shelter But Me.” This is a pivotal moment, and fans will be talking about it for a long time to come.

The segment begins at 13 minutes into the episode, when the two walk into a bedroom with a double bed and private bathroom.

“Everything looks so… comfortable,” Alina said, sitting down on the bed. Mal said Alina could sleep in the bed, but she said “don’t be silly, there’s enough room for both of us if you want?”

They lie in bed together and start a deep conversation, after which Mal brings up an opportunity he regrets not taking.

“Then why not take them now?” Alina proposed, and he finally leaned in and kissed her.

Shadow And Bone fans react to Mal and Alina’s kiss

Drinking water during the long-awaited scene, fans have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on the long-awaited moment.

Check out a selection of tweets:

“Real-life experiences are mixed together”

There’s also a scene of the two kissing in the original book, so those familiar with the novel might be more than happy to see it end up on screen.

Speaking of the books, Jessie recently did an interview with Screenrant about going beyond the books to build her character.

“It’s really interesting to delve into these parts of Alina that aren’t necessarily in the book, but are brought in by our writers, and a lot of real-life experiences are incorporated,” she said. explain.

“You can really feel that arc and feel that character grow and change.”

Shadow And Bone is streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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