What Was Yrma Lydya Cause Of Death? Mexican Singer Shot To Death By Lawyer Husband At 21

The latest report has come, which states that popular Mexican singer Yrma Lydya has been fatally shot to death by her husband in a restaurant. The brutal and deadly incident took place on the night of Thursday 23 June in Mexico City. Lydia was just 21 years at the time she was fatally shot to death. This deadly and brutal incident took place at the Suntory Del Valle Restaurant. She was killed by her 79-year-old husband Jess Hernández Alcocer. Lydia was just at the beginning of her music career.

According to the reports, Alcocer was accompanied by another woman when he came to kill his wife. Reports further claimed that Alcocer and his wife were arguing about something and during that argument shot Lydia three times and Lydia was killed in this deadly accident. Reports have also further claimed that Alcocer also bribed the officials to avoid his arrest, and also Alcocer has a history of criminal records. Alcocer has been earlier charged for the excursion. Lydia was just at the beginning of her career.

What Was Yrma Lydya Cause Of Death?

Her life and career were just started when her felon husband killed her brutally. This news has been very shattering and saddening news for everyone. According to the reports, this news about Lydia’s murder has been topping the trending charts on social media and the internet. Everyone is talking about this brutal and gruesome incident. This brutal incident has massively pained the hearts of the netizens. This gruesome murder case has given a great saddening impact on the public of the country and thus they all stand strong for justice for her.

Netizens are voicing up against this, they are protesting against the murder of Lydia and demanding justice for her on social media. Reports have claimed that lately social media has been flooding with messages for justice for her. In recent times, a massive increase has been registered in crime against women in Mexico. The current administration in Mexico seems to be failing in providing safety to their citizens, who have elected them as leaders. The administration must wake up from its deep sleep and they must safeguard their citizens. For all the latest national and international updates news and information stay tuned with us.

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