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What Was Rolling Meadows Dad Death Cause?

The latest saddening and shattering news has been reported from Chicago, where a father who was brutally injured in a major car crash has recently died in hospital. The father was admitted to the hospital and was getting treatment for the brutal injuries that he suffered in that brutal and harrowing vehicle crash. The deceased father of four has been identified as Thomas Dobosz. According to the reports the whole family of six which included Thomas Dobosz, his wife, and four kids were traveling in their minivan on Sunday around 2 am when their minivan collided with a car.


The reports have stated the car into which this family’s minivan collided was coming from the wrong direction. The deadly collision occurred in McHenry County. The cars burst into flames immediately after the deadly collision. The driver of the car coming from the wringing direction also passed away in the deadly collision. The family of 6 died in this brutal accident. Reports have further claimed that Thomas’s wife and kids died on the spot while Thomas was brutally injured and immediately rushed to the hospital for medical aid and assistance.

Thomas Dobosz Dies In Tragic Crash Accident

The deceased family has been identified as 31 years old Lauren Dobosz who was the wife of Thomas and was the mother of those 4 young kids. The kids of the couple have been identified as 5-year-old Ella, 7 years old Nicholas, 8 years old Lucas, and 13 years old Emma. Although the family friend has also announced that a 13-year-old Kationa was also killed. This accident incident has shattered and heart wrenched everyone. The officials immediately rushed to the accident spot after knowing about this deadly collision.

The officials found out that everybody was dead in this accident and only Thomas Dobosz was found alive, with multiple serious and brutal injuries. He was immediately airlifted to a hospital in Illinois. On Wednesday the police officials announced that Thomas Dobosz have also passed away while undergoing treatment. The other car’s driver has been identified as 22 years old Jennifer Fernandez.

Jennifer too passed away in this deadly accident. The Dobosz family was traveling for their vacation in Minnesota when they met with this misery. The family, friends, and neighbors of Dobosz are currently devasted after knowing about this deadly accident. The reports have claimed that Dobosz was from a very sweet and happy family. They all were very friendly and loving people. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.

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