What Was Rapper Lil Tjay Cause Of Death? Rapper Shot Multiple Times In New Jersey, Funeral & Obituary!

Are we the only ones who think most crime happens to rappers? Over the past few years, most crime news has involved rappers, and most of the time they have been killed in shootings. Another rapper is currently in the news as he was shot multiple times. According to new reports, rapper Lil T Jay was one of two people shot and killed on the morning of Wednesday, June 23, 2022, in New Jersey, just a week after it was announced that it would be “a very good summer.” The rapper’s fans were stunned and couldn’t believe the news that their favorite rapper was fired. The Bronx-born rapper was hit several times at The Promenade in Edgewater. The Bergen County Attorney’s Office said police responded to reports of shooting at the location, which occurred just after midnight. Follow our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates! ! ! ! ! !

Cause of death of rapper Lil Tjay

Cause of death of rapper Lil Tjay

When police arrived at the crime scene, they found Lil T Jay (21), whose real name is Tione Marriot, with multiple gunshot wounds. In addition to the rapper, the 22-year-old Antoine Boyd was also found with a bullet wound. Both victims were immediately taken to a regional hospital for treatment. Police and medical officials have not released their current state of health, but according to TMZ, rapper Lil T Jay is undergoing emergency surgery. Police said the shooting came after Mohamed Konate attempted to rob Lil T Jay, Boyd and the rapper’s third person with Jeffrey Valdez, 24.

What happened to rapper Lil Tjay?

Both Boyd and Valdez had illegal weapons on them at the time of the shooting. According to the latest developments, Konate was arrested late Wednesday by an investigative team from the NYPD and the State Attorney’s Office in Bergen. His deportation to New Jersey is currently pending. Konate is charged with three counts of attempted homicide, three counts of armed robbery, two counts of unlawful weapon and 4th degree aggravated assault.

Rapper Lil Tjay: Funeral and Obituary

Both Valdez and Boyd have been charged with unlawful firearm possession and are being held at the Bergen County Jail in Hackensack pending their first hearing. Rapper Lil Tjay is hugely popular on social media, with his followers gaining around 7 million followers on his IG account. He rose to fame on Soundcloud, and in 2018 he went all-in with Columbia Records. His debut album “True 2 Myself” was a huge success. Currently, he is fighting for his life and his fans are praying for him.

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