What is Claire Rafson’s job? Survivor 44 contestant’s profession explored –

Wednesday night is going to be even more interesting because survivor will premiere alongside season 44 on CBS in less than a day.

Viewers will be introduced to a new group of contestants who will arrive on a deserted island ready to face various physical challenges in order to become the ultimate survivor in the race series.

Season 44 of CBS’ Survivor will premiere its first episode on Wednesday, March 1, 2023 at 8:00 PM ET / 7:00 PM CT. The official synopsis for the upcoming reality competition series is as follows:

Stranded in the beautiful islands of Fiji, 18 determined new castaways will be divided into 3 tribes of 6 people each and forced to form a new society as they adapt to their natural and social circumstances. “

One of the contestants featured this season is Claire Rafson, a 25-year-old tech investor who hopes her bright personality can overshadow her strategic prowess.

There’s almost no time left for the upcoming 44th season survivor Airing, here’s everything you need to know about Claire Rafson.

From October 2021, Season 44 Survivor contestant Claire Rafson is an investor in Eniac Ventures

Claire graduated from Dartmouth College with a BA in History and Native American Studies. During her tenure, according to her LinkedIn profile, she was a member of “SHEBA Dance Company (Director), Fraternity Council (DE&l Vice President), Academic Mentor, Sigma Delta Fraternity (Executive), Rockefeller Center for Public Policy and Dartmouth Outing Club.”

She is currently an investor in Eniac Ventures. On her LinkedIn profile, she also mentions that her job designation calls for her to work and “invest in promising early-stage startups.”

In an exclusive interview with Parade ahead of her appearance on the race series, Claire opened up and revealed that being on Survivor was one of her lifelong dreams.

She added that she has been waiting since she was four years old and has now been around 21 years, saying she has always wanted to try it and this year finally worked up the courage to apply.

Talking about her favorite moment in the game’s history, Claire shared:

“I think it’s a bit of an escape because it has a lot of moments. I think my favorite moment is Island, basically. I love the Aitu Quad. Specifically, my favorite moment is every time they send Candice to the Island of Exile. “

Claire opened up about an experience that prepared her for the competition, sharing:

“I think it’s hard, so I’m going to cheat on this one. I think for me, life is that life experience. (laugh.) So for reference, I’m a 5’2″ queer black Jewish girl. So throughout my life, wherever I’ve been, I’ve been a weirdo, and I stick out like a thumb. “

survivor Season 44 will premiere on March 1 only on CBS. Readers can check out their local listings for more information.

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