What is a Durast in Shadow And Bone? Grisha types and powers explored

Shadow And Bone season 2 introduced fans to the Durasts, but what exactly are they and how do their powers compare to other Grishas?

As a fantasy series, Netflix’s Shadow and Bone is full of rival factions, magical powers and unusual jargon that fans need to know about.

Season 2 of Shadow And Bone was no different, as it introduced a new breed of Grisha called the Durasts, and viewers understandably left a lot of questions about the creatures and their abilities.

Durasts introduced in Shadow And Bone Season 2

While we’ve already met some Grisha in Shadow And Bone, the newly released second season introduces a new breed of small science holders called Durasts.

The opening specifically mentions Grisha’s type, and surprisingly Jesper has been Durast, but has kept it a secret from everyone, except the sharp Kaz, of course.

On top of that, Alina meets Durast during her and Mal’s dangerous adventure in Novyi Zem when she meets a woman named Keme.

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What is Durast in Shadow And Bone?

Durast is a type of Grisha that can manipulate solid matter such as glass, steel, wood, plants, and stone.

Belonging to the Materialki Order, Durasts’ abilities allow them to control objects such as bullets and machinery in combat, while they can also cause flowers to bloom, remove colored paint from objects, and even make objects move without touching them.

Durasts are represented by the purple keftas with gray embroidery that they wear.

The word Durast is derived from the Latin “durus”, meaning “solid, hard, or sturdy”, reflecting their ability to work with solid materials.

Although Jesper hid his identity as Durast from the other crows, when he and Kaz were captured by the pirate Sturmhond, Kaz threw a metal coin at his friend, which he turned into a lockpick so they could escape.

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Other Types of Grisha

In addition to the Durasts, there is a whole host of different Grishas, ​​all of whom have different abilities and belong to specific orders.

Corporalki: Order of Life and Death

  • Healer | Possesses the ability to heal cells within the human body.
  • Heartbreak | A person’s internal organs can be manipulated, such as controlling a person’s pulse to affect blood flow or take air from their lungs. Their target must be within their line of sight.
  • Tailor | Has the ability to alter a person’s phenotype to alter their appearance.

Materialki: Maker’s Order

  • Alkemi | They specialize in chemical manipulations to create poisons or explosive powders.
  • Duras | Can manipulate solid substances such as glass, wood and metal.

Etherialki: The Summoners

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Shadow And Bone season 2 is available for streaming Available on Netflix after release Thursday, March 16, 2023.

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