What Happened With Christina Pushaw Face? Is She Really A Russian Agent, Details Explored!

The Botox trend is pretty famous these days, and these procedures make everyone look younger and are a bit pricey. Botox is commonly used by many women who are aging now to make them look younger and younger. I’m getting more and more attention because a lot of celebrities and a lot of influencers are going through these programs to make them look more attractive. Recently, a woman has faced backlash for her Botox injection, and people have been talking about her on social media. This woman is Christina Purshaw. Christina is the press secretary to the Florida governor. The recent change in her face shocked everyone. Follow our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates! ! ! ! ! !

christina pushaw face

christina pushaw face

People care about her looks, and many people on social media are talking about her face. Her face looked a little swollen, probably from Botox, which made her lips and face look swollen and plump. Although Christina never claimed and clarified that she had undergone some procedure, one can definitely and predict it by seeing her swollen face. Many have claimed that she gained the beauty and fullness of her face through the procedure. Her followers noticed her change and quickly concluded that many were also criticizing her.

What happened to Christina Purshaw’s face?

While there is a good side to people on the Internet, there is also a bad side. A lot of people are making fun of her face and judging her in some way. Many people on Reddit were sharing comments like Christina looking like a fish with a swollen face, and one Reddit user even called Christina a dazzling press secretary while slamming her face and her career. As soon as her photo was uploaded online, it went viral, with netizens complimenting the expression on her face. Christina’s original smile disappeared somewhere, perhaps because of the side effect of Botox, which makes you look like you’re pretending.

Is Christina Pushaw a Russian agent?

When it comes to her career, Christina has been somewhat controversial with people claiming she is a Russian agent. According to her LinkedIn profile, she received her bachelor’s degree in Global Relations from the University of Southern California in 2012. She will serve as press secretary starting in May 2021. She worked for the country and helped the authorities reach the US, Georgia and other countries. Although Christina has never clarified her Botox face and why she is going through it, many memes, pictures and cartoons with swelling on her face are going viral and people are making fun of Christina for her face.

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