West Virginia Helicopter Crash Video, 6 People Died In A Vietnamese-Era Helicopter Crash, Victim Names & Pics!

Logan Nation, from West Virginia, recently experienced a devastating helicopter crash in which a passenger was found dead. The incident happened on Wednesday when the helicopter was near the highway when it landed at the scene and crashed, with no one alive on board. The accident happened near Kelly Valley, and emergency teams heard about the crash and were quickly in the area, but to everyone’s shock, the helicopter had crashed. Later, the police and everyone gathered at the incident site and inspected the helicopter. The final conclusion was that none of the people on the helicopter survived.Follow our website Gossip World Network Get the latest updates! ! ! ! ! !

West Virginia Helicopter Crash Video

West Virginia Helicopter Crash Video

The helicopter was near Kelly Valley, the crash happened around 4:45pm on Wednesday 22ndnd June 2022. The crash happened near Highway 17 in Logan County, according to the federal government. There were six people aboard the helicopter and no one was alive, according to police and management. Everyone on the helicopter died in the helicopter crash. An investigation was carried out at the scene to understand the reasons behind the accident and it was announced that the route where the accident occurred will be closed for the next 24 hours until investigators investigate the scene of the accident. Police and management are clearing debris from the scene.

CCTV footage of West Virginia Vietnam era helicopter accident

The Logan Emergency Ambulance Service said the helicopter belonged to the Vietnam era and is now only used for tours and tourism. The helicopter’s name was Bell UH-1B Huey and the tail number was N98E. Most of the time now, whenever a helicopter is used, it’s just for tourism and that’s it. According to one website and many others, the helicopter was used in many films and shoots. In addition to this, the helicopter was also filmed in Huey Reunion 7th Annual celebration organized by Marpat Aviation. Therefore, the event takes place this week from Tuesday to Sunday.

West Virginia helicopter crash victims’ names

Fortunately, the helicopter was not used by any officials, but the people on board were killed. The crashed helicopter was used in a number of movies, including Rock, Baywatch, and Die Hard, which were all big entertainment projects. In addition to National Highway Safety, both the West Virginia State Police and the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating the case. The West Virginia governor tweeted that he and his wife are praying for the victims of the crash and their families.

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