Welcome to the UFC: Christian Leroy Duncan

Christian Leroy Duncan, UFC 286 weigh-in ceremony Photo: Jamie Theodosi/Cageside Press

UFC 286 is coming to London for a big card in a rematch between England’s own welterweight champion Leon Edwards and former champion Kamaru Usman for third encounter. Beyond that, we’ve got some Contender Series fighters making their debuts, as well as plenty of highly anticipated UFC debuts. Former Cage Warriors middleweight champion Christian Leroy Duncan is one of those debuts. He will fight UFC veteran Duško Todorović for six fights.

Christian Leroy Duncan
six feet two inches tall
Fight at 185 lbs (middleweight)
27 years old
fighting in gloucester england
Training Chuge Martial Arts Academy
7-0 career record
5 KO/TKO, 1 surrender

What is Duncan’s ceiling in the UFC:

Duncan is the middleweight champion of the Cage Warriors. As an amateur, Duncan competed in more than 20 competitions and was a multiple IMMAF finalist. Duncan had six losses as an amateur, but with that experience he remains undefeated as a pro. He’s directly signed with the UFC, and he definitely deserves the hype behind him.

Duncan is the new blood that middleweight needs. He is one of the most exciting boxers working today. Duncan doesn’t spend a lot of time wrestling; he doesn’t show it often, but this guy can wrestle and tackle. In the match against Will Curry, he showed a strong defensive tackle and good fighting ability. As much as he gets his feet up, Duncan never works complacently.

It was so much fun watching Duncan in his footsteps. He’s quick, versatile and super explosive. He likes to throw flying knees, and he’s used it to end several fights. He will perform a variety of gorgeous kicks, such as crescent kicks, hook kicks, round kicks, ax kicks and tornado kicks. And he does it all, too, without loads or wasted moves. Duncan is very good at using different attack methods to keep opponents guessing. All the kicks he throws and his moves are taken out of his hands. His hands are less dangerous, but it’s still a worthy weapon. He has a good jab and generally hits well.

Watching Duncan will keep you on the edge of your seat. He can explode at any moment, you never know what he’s going to throw. Not only is he exciting, but his technique is unbelievable. Skilled enough, I think he’ll be a top-ranked UFC middleweight.

How he matches up with Todorovic:

When Todorović came to the UFC, he received a lot of hype. He’s still young and talented, but has suffered a lot of injuries during his UFC career. He’s done it twice, but also took a lot of damage in other fights. He’s really skinny, and the guys he beat in the UFC are off the list. I don’t understand how Todorović can get out of this fight without getting caught. Duncan is faster, more explosive, more powerful, and even better at wrestling and grappling. I predict Duncan will knock out Todorovic in two rounds.

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