Wearable AI Tracker May Detect Coved 19

Companies have recently come up with innovative ideas to increase their market value and keep customers happy with their products, and have recently launched wearable products that monitor changes in the human body, as it has features such as detecting skin health, body temperature, heart rate, respiration rate, and skin and Muscle health. This technologically advanced wearable device is programmed in conjunction with an artificial intelligence unit specially programmed for health and can detect other activities. It is estimated that in preliminary studies of AI units in the latest wearables, latent variables could be used to detect and detect COVID-19 infection days earlier, as infection symptoms appear later. Follow for more updates at GetIndiaNews.com

Wearable AI Tracker May Detect Coved 19

According to research conducted on coved-19 virus so far, symptoms of viral infection appear later because it can take several days for Coved symptoms to make a person feel different, and people infected with Coved-19 during this period can be infected without knowing it. Inadvertently spread to other people in case of love.

Based on research conducted so far by the researchers, published on online platforms and disseminated globally via social media platforms, the news source said a study on device operability concluded that AI-powered devices could track patients. health status. By monitoring and examining overall aspects of normal human health, a health check can be alerted if something unfamiliar to the human body is detected. Health trackers can track overall health, according to research published by researchers online and in other news sources.

The device can be connected to a computer with an algorithm-based software program. It is designed for human health, and the program helps maintain standard health. So far, results based on the device’s artificial intelligence research program can provide correct Covid-19 identification results for those who have tested positive for infection, and in our volunteer pilot base testing, the accuracy rate is as high as 68%, two days A person who was previously infected with Covid, the device tested positive for the infection because of symptoms of Covid two days later.

A team of researchers from global university medical institutions in Brazil, Switzerland, Siliguri and London have all suggested that PCR testing should remain the highest standard for COVID-19 infection detection and that PCR could provide more accurate and accurate results Covid and AI device research In contrast, discovering promising tools for variable machine learning AI cancer AI can provide specially designed tools on its devices that can be operated on, and can be operated on, symptomatic import Matic. Research has found that variable machine learning and artificial intelligence can serve as promising tools for pre-symptomatic or symptomatic detection of coved 19.

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