Watch Andrea Fuentes Saves Anita Alvarez Life From Drowning Video At The 19th FINA World Championship

A tragic sports incident took place during the 19th FINA World Championship test lately. The news of the incident attained a huge consideration on the Internet and in the town as well. According to the incident, The renowned Mexican American creative and synchronized named Anita Alvarez was swamped in giving her solo test for the upcoming championship for the upcoming World Championship in Budapest and faced a tragic accident when she lost consciousness in the pool and drowning, however, her coach jumped in the pool promptly after analyzing the situation and rescued her. Get more information on Spanish Andrea Fuentes saving the life of Anita Alvarez.

The entire incident has been recorded in footage showing that the renowned swimmer is growing in the pool. She was almost seen touching the surface of the pool unconscious while her coach named Andrea Fuentes is approaching her to save her life. Many pictures and videos of the popular coach Spanish Andrea Fuentes saving the life of her trainee and saving her from growing the pool. The Swimmer was competing in her solo test but amidst she collapsed and started dousing in the pool.

Watch Andrea Fuentes Saves Anita Alvarez Life

Just after a while noticing her trainee, the coach Andrea Fuentes jumped into the pool to rescue Alvarez and bring her out from the pool. It is being said that Anita was only for 10 seconds underwater but the images and videos have shocked all of her fans and other netizens watched them so far. However, the coach play a crucial role in saving Anita’s life and acted smart at the time. She took no while to dive into the pool and saved her. Anita was immediately operated on by the crew members.

All of her fans and the rest of the audience were shocked to see the complete incident. Some other images showing that the coach pulling Anita from the water. Another one is showing that the crew surrounded her after she was brought to the surface. One of the images shows the distressed faces of the audience. But at the same time, everyone is praising the coach Andrea Fuentes. Fortunately, the swimmer responds to the initial first aid and recovered without any major complications after a while.

Andreas Fuentas Fache is one of the most decorated swimmers. She retired as a synchronized swimmer. She is the most decorated swimmer in the history of the Spanish National team with four Olympics, World Championship, and 11 European Championship medals. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.

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