Walking video gives fans hope

Everyone’s favorite TikTok bird, the emu Emmanuel, seems to be doing well after owner Tyler Black uploaded an update of his first solo walk in 67 days.

As the end of 2022 looms, nothing but positive news seems to be coming out Knuckle Farm.

Fans of the popular TikTok account were ecstatic as they received a positive update about Emu Emmanuel and a touching personal update from Tyler Blake.

Update showing Emu Emmanuel walking

Knuckle Bump Farms is a small farming facility in South Florida that was originally established to raise cattle but has since become famous for a rather cheeky furry friend named Emmanuel.

Emmanuel, or to use his full name Emmanuel Todd Lopez The Emu, First popular in July 2022 When his master uploaded a compilation of his most nosy moments – and there were a lot of them.

Since Emmanuel first emerged in the spotlight, fans across the globe have been following the emu’s every move, as Knuckle Bump’s social media channels regularly provide viewers with updates on the cheeky emu.

in a pretty emotional update Uploaded on Sunday, December 19, Emanuel can be seen walking without assistance with his owner Tyler Black, who has been unable to walk for over two months.

Why couldn’t Emmanuel walk before?

Throughout the video, Blake is visibly emotional about what she witnessed, and she can be heard shouting words of encouragement repeatedly.

The reason why the Emmanuel walk is so important is that in October the farm suffered bird flu outbreaka virus known to be fatal to birds.

a distraught blake on twitter Explaining to fans at the time that the site had lost more than 50 birds in three days, she believed Emanuel had also fallen victim to the disease.

However, over the next few weeks, something happened Emmanuel free from bird flu.

instead, as blake said, emus actually get sick from stress — something this species is prone to. As a result, Emmanuel refrained from eating and drinking, leading to complications with his health.

Fans celebrate big news for Emmanuel

While Emmanuel is yet to officially recover, the positive update on Emu’s condition has many fans cheering comment area.

A proud TikTok user @momslearneveryday wrote: “Everyone is thinking of you, Emmanuel Todd Lopez. Keep working.”

Her sentiments were echoed by @ronearc, who admitted: “This is by far the most I’ve invested in emu health.”

Emmanuel’s exploits have earned him a following far beyond that of the average influencer, and he’s amassed some 2.5 million followers on TikTok while racking up nearly 50 million likes.

Another exciting update from emu owner Emmanuel

It’s not just animals being celebrated this week at the Knuckle Bump Farm. On Thursday, Dec. 15, Blake and Knuckle Bump co-owner Christian Haggerty announced they were engaged.

Sharing her exciting news, hagerty wrote: “She said yes! Now and forever, with the woman who made me whole!”

This touching announcement caps off what appeared to be a rather emotional week for Blake and everyone involved with the farm:

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