Voters can not vote in Benue LGA over print error –

Johnson Babajid

Voters in the Kwande local government area of ​​Benue state were unable to cast their ballots for their candidate for the state assembly on Saturday.

This is not unrelated to printing errors found on ballots for two state districts.

The state’s resident electoral commissioner, Professor Sam Egwu, said this when speaking to journalists in Guma.

Professor Egwu said that all the requests to correct the mistakes through the administrative process were not accepted by the political leaders of the local government.

According to him, “The problem with Cund is that there is a printing error in the ballot. There are two state constituencies and what we should have put in one constituency is wrongly placed in the other. It is a printing error in Abuja, due to the Credibility, we can’t open the ballot until this morning.

“I have appealed to the stakeholders that we can get the INEC administration to use our powerful pen to draw a constituency and place the correct constituency and use our stamp and sign it without compromising the integrity of the process.

“I’ve explained it to the political leaders of all parties, but they don’t seem to be convinced, so they don’t think the process should continue.

“My position is that if, for their own reasons, they are unwilling to vote, there is nothing I can do to force them to vote” and we will accept that and then make the necessary arrangements for them to have the necessary votes as required by law.

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