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Video Shows Paulding School Bus Driver Slapped By Parent Driving Off With Kids On Board

There is a video of Tik Tok is went viral and so many people shared their responses to this video. This video is gathering a lot of attention on the internet and this becomes a topic of discussion. This video was posted on Tik Tok and now running on various other social media platforms. This video shows that several students of the Paulding County elementary school are climbing out of the window of a school bus and this incident took place at a busy intersection. In this article, we will talk about why this incident happened and some other information related to this incident, so read this article continuously.

As per the exclusive reports and the information, a school bus driver has been suspended and this is confirmed by the Paulding County School District. The investigation of a fight between a substitute bus driver and parents and the police investigators are working on this case. This fight occurred on the afternoon of Wednesday 18 January 2023 at Old Harris Road and Jimmy Lee Smith Parkway and it is coming out that this all happened for Allgood Elementry students. This incident happened to a student of Allgood elementary and Elizabeth Rawlins was in Paulding County on Thursday.

Video Shows Paulding School Bus Driver Slapped By Parent Driving

Paulding County stated that the regular driver was suffering from sick on that day and he was filling in a substitute way. Its drop-off process was broken down and the driver tried to drop the students at their pick-down place from the bus. The district reports stated that this began when parents waiting at the stop for their students and the situation changed into an issue. The driver was suspended after this incident and an investigation is ongoing. The rest of the students reached at their homes safely with the help of a supervisor.

In this viral video of Tik Tok, we can see some parents giving instructions to their children to climb out of the way of a window of the bus. One parent of the other parents is seen banging on the door for opening the doors of the bus and the other video shows that a parent slapped the bus driver in the face. The bus driver then sits down on his seat and close the door of the bus and drives off the bus with the kids. In that video, we can also see the students can be seen as screaming and can be seen with their heads out of the window.

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