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Vicki Gunvalson is an ‘overrated’ ‘real housewife’

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Vicki Gunvalson is an ‘overrated’ ‘Real Housewife’

According to Bravo superfan Kate Chastain, the OG OC is not bad.

“Vicki Gunvalson, I don’t get it. I’m sorry,” the 40-year-old “Traitor” star told Page Six’s “Virtual Reali-Tea” podcast, explaining why she thinks Gunvalson, 60, is the most “overrated” “Real Housewives”.

“I just think she’s always angry and screaming all the time.”

Chastain’s rating is largely based on Gunvalson’s appearance on “The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls’ Trip: The Ex-Wife Club,” which Peacock will film in fall 2021.

At the time, the Real Housewives of Orange County alumnus, who made her debut on the reality TV show in 2006, was in the midst of a split from her ex-fiancé, Steve Lodge, which affected her behavior.

Kate Chastain appears on Page Six’s “Virtual Reali-Tea” podcast.

Kate Chastain

Kate Chastain appears on Page Six’s “Virtual Reali-Tea” podcast.


In June 2022, cast member Brandi Glanville told Page Six that Gunvalson was a “bitch” during production, accusing the division.

“I wanted to die,” Gunvalson said the following October. “I mean, I’m very depressed. So I do a lot of self-reflection, I keep a lot of journaling. I read my Bible every day. I’m going back to it like a season.”

Gunvalson has since lived with boyfriend Michael and is currently in Marrakech, Morocco, where she is filming Season 4 of Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip. full-time cast or “friend”).

The “Traitor” star says Vicki Gunvalson is the most “overrated” Real Housewives.

The “Traitor” star says Vicki Gunvalson is the most “overrated” Real Housewives.


With all love, Chastain hopes the founder of Coto Insurance can impress audiences again.

“I mean, I’m glad she’s going to Marrakech now for the reshoots because, you know, she was vulnerable at Bluestone Manor,” said the Below Deck alumnus. “So I hope after this new ‘Girls Trip’ I’ll change my mind.”

However, Chastain asserted, “But now Vicki needs to change her mood.”

Kate Chastain
Chastain is an alumnus of “Below Deck” and a huge Bravo fan.
NBCU image library via Getty Images

The single mom-to-be, who announced her pregnancy in December 2022, was asked to share her most “overrated” “Real Housewives” look as her “Traitor” co-star Reza Farrahhan recently appeared on the show “with An appearance named Kyle Richards Cohen in Andy Watch What Happens Together.

The confession later sparked a heated debate on social media, with the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” veteran, 54, poking fun at Farrahhan, 49, for canceling the 2022 Bravo reality show “The Sunset King.” ” and his one-episode appearance in “The Renegade.”

In response, Farrahhan addressed Richards’ strained relationship with sisters Kathy Hilton and Kim Richards.

Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge
“I think she’s always angry, always screaming,” Gunvalson’s Chastain said.
NBCU/NBCUUniversal Image Library by:

“My show was canceled, I was killed by a traitor first, but my siblings and all my cast keep getting calls from me,” he wrote in an Instagram comment. “How about @kathyhilton, @kimrichards11 and @kylerichards18?”

Chastain said she happily “watched everything fall apart”.

“When I saw Kyle clapping, I thought, ‘Is she watching Renegade? Thank you, Kyle Richards. I think [Farahan’s] Applause… great. I’m so happy for him,” she told us.

Kate Chastain, Kyle Cook, Brandi Glanville, Reza Farrahhan at Peacock Lounge
Chastain appeared in Peacock’s “Traitor” alongside warriors such as Kyle Cooke, Brandi Glanville and Reza Farrahhan.
Ge’s Virginia Sherwood/Peacock

“When someone asked him that, he said, ‘This will get me in trouble.'” He knew. do you know? He has the guts to go forward, which I think is hilarious.

You can listen to the full episode of Chastain’s “Virtual Reali-Tea” here.

Renegade can be played on Peacock.

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