Vice President of Telecom Industry Exporters Union: Internet is not just a necessity, but a revolution

Noting that we are lagging behind in new technologies, Ismail Sanai spoke of the UAE’s experience with AI and the efforts of India and Saudi Arabia in new technologies.

In an interview with Sitna, he insisted that artificial intelligence should enter universities and companies, and that blockchain discussions are likely to affect traditional banking.

The vice-chairman of the Telecommunications Industry Exporters Union of Iran also pointed out that the government owns 80% of the economy and said that they should be applicants and that training should be the responsibility of organizations like ours: “Maybe it is better to choose a different organization with advanced technology and One of the main focuses of the Barcelona Mobile Expo was the 6G theme, but we still haven’t implemented 5G properly. “The technology has to flow into the main body of society, the private sector, and we have a long way to go. “Do it.”

According to Sanai, this governance attitude should be adapted to the industry, and they should conclude that ICT and the Internet, unlike water, electricity and gas, are not only essential but transformative, and many start businesses. Many people don’t like this angle, but when Instagram shuts down, many businesses are at risk.

He stresses that companies do not switch to new technologies when the economy is down: “We also raised the issue in Parliament and said that these people’s lives should not be disturbed and we must adopt modern technologies.” There are challenges among members. In this regard, we provide enterprises with SCI VC and financial support. When the economy slumps, companies don’t switch to new technologies. Now when we have to move to artificial intelligence or blockchain, they say we don’t have money, employers don’t have demand or knowledge. “

Referring to the tough conditions, Sanai pointed to the importance of entering the export cycle and said that private companies, whatever the circumstances, should start generating ideas instead of waiting for ministries and themselves to create global commodities. should produce.

According to him, lieutenants and funds should help businesses, give low-interest loans, so that businesses can survive and enter the global market: “Businesses should format themselves, and we as an organization are on their side, and they should also consider B2B and B2C business entry Global Market.

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