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Vet Knits Dog New EARS After They’re Torn Off In Attack – But He’s ‘not Happy With Them’ – World News

a dog Losing both ears in an attack when he was trapped in a fence, he proudly showed off his new crochet look.

Willie was attacked by two others puppy He was unable to move at the time and suffered severe head injuries.

As a result, veterinarians were forced to amputate both of them.

When he was brought to the Sacramento Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA), staff were concerned he wouldn’t be adopted because of his looks.

To help the two-year-old find a forever home, licensed veterinary technician John Holmquist reportedly knitted him a hat WBAL.

Willy lost both ears when they got stuck in a fence



John said: “After about an hour or two, after some measurements, I just tossed him up and giggled to myself when I put it on his head the next day.

“He wasn’t too happy with the hat, but he’s a happy boy so he did a good job of taking a bunch of pictures for us.”

Photos of dogs posted at shelters Facebook The page quickly attracted thousands of likes.

The new look worked, and Willie was soon adopted into a new family.

John added: “I’m really concerned that a group of people will see all of his extensive scars and be really worried about his health or looking at him or worrying that he’s going to be a dog attacker. I’m worried he won’t find nice house

“As soon as he put on that hat, everyone was interested. I’m so glad he got adopted.”

The family who adopted the puppy said: “Willy Wonka really got my attention and they watch the Sacramento SPCA live every Wednesday on Facebook.

“His story, and knowing that he hasn’t been adopted yet, really breaks my heart, that this poor baby is patiently waiting for someone to love him and his replacement ear.

“His demeanor really inspired me to keep being yourself even when you get knocked down!

“Thank you Sacramento SPCA for bringing him into our lives and for taking care of all the good dogs that come to you.”

Meanwhile, seven “ugly ass” dogs vying for the crown of Britain’s ‘ugliest’ pet.

The not-so-cute pup who took the title will win the makeover with a before and after photo shoot showing off their remarkable transformation.

The contest was organized by a photography company who wanted to celebrate visually challenging pets as they claimed that “every dog ​​is beautiful in the eyes of its owner”.

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