Under tough new rule proposals, metaverse murders could be treated as real-life crimes.

Virtual crimes in the metaverse should be punished physically in the real world, according to a government minister in the United Arab Emirates.

Omar Sultan Al Olama, the UAE’s AI minister, stated that “serious crimes” committed in the metaverse should be punished in the real world.

According to CNBC, Al Olama said at the World Economic Forum that the metaverse could be so realistic that virtual crimes committed there could have serious real-world consequences.

The metaverse is a virtual reality environment where avatars can interact with one another. It’s important to remember that it doesn’t exist in its entirety yet and isn’t real. This did not deter the minister from advocating for global metaverse policing rules.

Although the metaverse is a virtual world, it can have a real-world feel to it.

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“If I send you a WhatsApp text, is it still a text?” Al Olama asked. It may terrify you, but it will not create the memories necessary for you to develop PTSD as a result of it.

“However, if I enter the metaverse in a realistic future world and murder you, and you see it… It actually pushes you to the point where you have to enforce harshly all over the world because everyone agrees that certain things are unacceptable.”

Rather than dying in the real world, people in videogames usually’respawn’ and come back to life. This suggests that a metaverse murder may not have the same consequences as a real-world murder.

In most video games, if you die, your character will resurrect.

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However, since the metaverse’s inception, there have been several documented cases of sexual harassment and virtual assault.

A 21-year-old researcher claimed she was’sexually assaulted’ in the metaverse within an hour of entering it in May.

Carol Vorderman, a former Countdown host and techie, told the Daily Star that she is concerned that the metaverse will result in a “tsunami” of online grooming. Mr. and Mrs. “The potential for virtual reality is incredible,” Vorderman said, “and it’s amazing for all kinds of wonderful things like education or being with people.” It has the potential to be something we’ve never seen before, and it has tremendous power.

“However, it has the potential to be abused, just like anything else.” And there’s a lot of racial, sexual, and general abuse happening in the metaverse, in apps like VRChat.”

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