Umahi rates Guber/Assembly election best –

Grace Ebo

Eboni State Governor David Umahi is excited about the current elections in Nigeria.

He observed that recent innovations introduced into the electoral process by the Independent National Electoral Commission eliminated assassination and manipulation in Nigerian elections.

Governor Umahi was speaking shortly after voting at his hometown polling station, Onuofukuru Umunaga Uburu in the Ohaozara Local Government Area.

He challenged other parties to accuse the election of rigging to prove their charges, stressing that no amount of harsh criticism can hide the fact that the current polls remain the best in Nigeria’s history.

“The process was well organized.

“I have high praise for INEC.

“INEC has done a fantastic job and beautifully.

“There are many innovations in INEC that eliminate assassination and manipulation.

“Those who claim that a certain party is rigged should be able to prove it and stop inciting the people

“I think Nigeria has reached a stage where elections are always going to be better because of the innovation that INEC brings.

“No amount of intimidation and condemnation can deny that the February 25 election and today’s election remain the best elections in Nigeria’s history.

“It’s very exciting and I’m excited about the process and the innovation.

Meanwhile, People’s Democratic Party (PDP) gubernatorial candidate chief Ifeanyi Chukwuma Odii, speaking to reporters in his hometown, claimed that the ruling party APC was using their thugs to disrupt the election.

However, he called on INEC REC to cancel all elections where violence and destruction of electoral material were recorded.

His words “yes the reports come from different local governments. You know the APC they are very desperate because if they are ready for the elections I don’t think they will go ahead and mess with Ohaozara, Afikpo North and South and pretty much all local governments Process. So I say, if you’re sure you’re going to win, you’re not disrupting the election. What they’re doing is burning the ballots and the results, that’s what they’re doing, but we have to talk to the security agencies to increase security.

“Of course yes, the new electoral law states that when there is violence, the INEC electoral commissioner should immediately cancel the election in the area, I believe they have reported it and will continue to report it”.

Commenting on voter apathy, Odii chief said: “In some areas, yes, people are behaving well, in some areas, because of the character of the APC government using mobs, of course, they are doing it, and it scares people off. Therefore, it is safer for security agencies to fully understand important areas.

“For me, if it wasn’t for the violence here and there, I would say INEC BVAs were good for the elections in Eboni state, they disbanded Ebubeagu, so we think the security agencies should step up security.
I can’t rate it right now because of the election violence that’s been made so difficult right now. “

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