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Uba Sani charges electorate to vote credible candidates –

Kaduna State All Progressive Congress (APC) candidate for governor, Senator Ubassani, advised voters to vote for credible candidates who will improve their welfare at every level.

Senator Ubassani, who represents the Kaduna central senate constituency in the upper house, made the proposal at Sangar local government headquarters on Tuesday.

The gubernatorial candidates, entering the seventh day of their campaign, noted that all APC candidates are tested and trusted.

“Vote for those who can contribute to deliberations in the legislative chamber, in addition to bringing democratic dividends to their constituencies,” he suggested.

The lawmaker reiterated that he has sponsored 32 bills in the Senate and established hospitals and schools in local governments in his Senate constituency.

read from and Niri tribune

Senator Sarney was elected governor on a promise to consult with the people on policy development and implementation.

According to him, civic engagement is one of the pillars of his manifesto, a document formulated after collating the views of the people of Kaduna State.

The gubernatorial candidate, who spoke at a town hall meeting with stakeholders, pledged to treat all citizens of the state fairly.

“Poverty has nothing to do with tribe or religion. Our focus will be on empowering youth and women with skills and financial support so they can be self-reliant because the government can’t provide jobs for everyone,” he promised.

Earlier, Fadan Ninzo district chief Ibrahim Mamman, speaking on behalf of traditional rulers, praised Malam Nasir El Rufai’s government for improving security, education and healthcare.

He also praised the government for improving their welfare by providing them with vehicles.

However, the district chief begged Senator Ubassani to raise the salaries of village chiefs and provide them with decent accommodation when they are elected.

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