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Tyler Perry Biography

Tyler Perry is an American film and television producer, actor, writer, playwright and director. Perry was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. He has authored numerous films and television series including the Madea franchise, Daddy’s Little Girl and Visit the Browns.

He also starred in films such as Star Trek, Gone Girl and The Single Moms Club. Perry achieved international fame and financial success through his versatility.

He is the creator of popular movies and TV shows such as the Madea franchise, Daddy’s Little Girl and Meet the Browns. In addition to being a talented entertainer, he is also an inspirational entrepreneur and philanthropist.

10 Facts About Tyler Perry

  1. Name: Tyler Perry
  2. age: 53 years old
  3. Birthday: September 13
  4. Chinese zodiac: Virgo
  5. high: 6 feet 5 inches (1.96 m)
  6. Country of Citizenship: American
  7. marital status: Gililla Bekele (2009–2020)
  8. Profession: Film and television producers, actors, writers, playwrights and directors.
  9. salary: About USD 80 million
  10. net worth: USD 1 billion

tyler perry age

As of 2023, Perry is 53 years old, he was born on September 13, 1969, in New Orleans, Louisiana.he celebrates his birthday September 13 Every year, his birth sign is Virgo.

Tyler Perry height

Perry stands at 6ft 5in (1.96m)

tyler perry weight

Perry weighs about 100 kg.

Early Life and Education

Taylor was born into a broken family and had a difficult childhood. His father was rough and his mother was often absent. He was sent to live with his grandparents at the age of 10 and grew up in a strongly religious family.

His grandmother often told him her life story, which inspired him to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Taylor attended high school in Georgia and earned a degree in psychology.

Tyler Perry Parents

Perry’s father was Emmett Perry Sr. and his mother was Willie Maxim Perry.

tyler perry siblings

Perry has four siblings, including an older sister, Melva, and three brothers, Emmet Jr., Jeff and Willie.

tyler perry wife

Perry is married to Gelila Bekele (2009–2020), Ethiopian model and human rights activist. The couple have a son named Aman.

tyler perry son

Aman Tyler Perry is the son of Tyler Perry and his wife Gillyla Bekele. He was born in 2014.

tyler perry salary

Perry’s salary is rumored to be around $80 million.

Tyler Perry Net Worth

Perry’s estimated net worth is around $1 billion

Tyler Perry’s Measurements and Facts

Here are some interesting facts and body measurements about Tyler Perry.

tyler perry wiki

Tyler Perry image
  • full name: Tyler Perry
  • flow behavior: Perry
  • gender: male
  • Occupation / Occupation: Film and television producers, actors, writers, playwrights and directors
  • Country of Citizenship: American
  • race/ethnicity: African American
  • religion: Christian
  • sexual orientation: straight

tyler perry birthday

  • Age/how old?: 53 years old
  • Chinese zodiac: Virgo
  • date of birth: September 13, 1969
  • place of birth: New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Birthday: September 13

Tyler Perry Body Measurements

  • body measurements: not available
  • How tall/how tall?: 6 feet 5 inches (1.96 m)
  • weight: 100 kg
  • eye color: Brown
  • hair color: Black
  • shoe size: 12 US

Tyler Perry Family and Relationships

  • father (dad): Emmett Perry Sr.,
  • Mother: Willie Maxine Perry
  • siblings (brothers and sisters): Melva and three brothers, Emmitt Jr., Jeff and Willie.
  • marital status: Married
  • wife/spouse: Married to Gelila Bekele (2009–2020)
  • dating / girlfriend: single
  • children: Son(Aman Tyler Perry) Daughter(Not Available)

Perry Net Worth and Salary

  • net worth: USD 1 billion
  • salary: About USD 80 million per year
  • Source of income: Actor, Director, Screenwriter and Producer


Perry began his career writing plays and performing them in local theaters. He was able to gain the attention of Hollywood producers and eventually found success with his drama “I Know I’ve Changed”.

Early Career Experience

In the early 2000s, Perry began writing and directing films, beginning with Diary of a Mad Black Woman. The film was a commercial success, earning nearly $50 million in the US alone. This success was followed by a string of successful films, including “Madea’s Family Reunion” and “Daddy’s Little Girls.”


In 2006, Perry opened his own film studio, Tyler Perry Studios. The studio has since become one of the most successful independent film studios in the world, producing Why Should I Get Married? ” and other successful films. and “good deeds”.


In 2019, Perry wrote and executive produced the television series “Sistas” for BET. The show follows the lives of four black women in Atlanta and has become one of the network’s highest-rated shows.

temptation cast

Perry also executive produced the popular TV movie series “Seduction: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor.” The film stars Jurnee Smollett-Bell, Lance Gross, Van Vicker and Renee Taylor.

claim to fame

Over the years, Perry has become one of the most successful filmmakers in Hollywood. His films have grossed over $1 billion and have won him numerous awards and honors.


In 2007, Perry won the Hollywood Director of the Year Award. He was also nominated for an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay for his film Precious.


In his spare time, Perry enjoys golfing, horseback riding, and playing the piano.


Perry has created a successful and active legacy in the entertainment industry. He produced and starred in some of the most successful films and television shows of all time, and created an empire admired and respected by fans and colleagues alike.

personal beliefs

Perry is a Christian and often speaks about his faith in interviews. He also believed in the power of hard work, dedication and perseverance.

house and car

Perry owns a luxury estate in Atlanta, Georgia, which houses his studio and production facilities. He also owns a collection of luxury cars, including a Rolls-Royce Phantom, Lamborghini Aventador and a Bentley Mulsanne.

Achievements, Awards, Legacy and Impact

Perry was a huge success and had a profound impact on the entertainment industry. He has been nominated for numerous awards, including an Academy Award, and his films have grossed over $1 billion. He has also been an outspoken advocate for black rights and has used his platform to promote positive messages of hope and perseverance.

Perry has established himself as one of the most successful entertainers in the world. His dedication to his craft, inspirational messages of hope and perseverance, and undeniable talent have made him an international icon. As an actor, director, producer and entrepreneur, Perry has achieved great success and left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry.


  • 2007–2012 Payne House
  • 2009–2011 Meet the Browns
  • 2011–2017 good and bad
  • 2013–present Rich and Poor
  • 2013–2017 Love Your Neighbor
  • 2014–present If loving you is wrong
  • 2016–2017 too close to home
  • 2018–present Paynes


  • 2005 Diary of a Mad Black Woman
  • Madea’s house party in 2006
  • 2007 Daddy’s Little Daughters
  • 2007 Why did I get married?
  • 2008 Meet the Browns
  • 2008 Predator Family
  • 2009 Mada was imprisoned
  • 2009 star trek
  • 2009 Bad things I can do alone
  • 2009 Precious
  • 2010 Why am I getting married too?
  • Girls of Color 2010
  • 2011 Madea’s Happy Family
  • 2012 good things
  • 2018 Backseat
  • 2018 Bitter
  • 2018 Madea Family Funeral

Tyler Perry Quotes

Getting to a place where you can forgive others is not an easy journey. But it’s such a powerful place because it sets you free.

There are many people who have dreams, goals, and hopes, but not many can see them come true.

For me, happiness is all about the peace of knowing that God is happy with everything I do. It’s total peace for me.

You close the door for me, tell me I can’t, I’ll find a way to get in.

What I’ve learned is that you treat women right.

Christ’s love for us all inspires me

I know my audience, they’re not people the studio knows.

I don’t want to leave this planet until I’ve done everything I’ve been assigned to do here.

The Bible says that all things work together for good to those who love the Lord and are called according to his purpose. I believe. Because I’ve seen it all work.

I feel like I died as a kid.

I like to give. I have been a giver all my life.

I never chase money. It’s always been about what I can do to inspire and inspire people.

What do you do with $200 million for a movie? I can’t wrap my brain around that.

I remember praying as a kid in a hellish house for someone to love me and someone I could love.

  • 2012 Madea Witness Protection
  • 2012 Alex Cross
  • 2013 Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor
  • 2013 Gift Peeples
  • Mada Christmas 2013
  • 2014 Single Mom Club
  • 2014 Gone Lover
  • 2015 Mada’s Difficult Love
  • 2016 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows
  • 2016 Brain on Fire
  • 2016 boo!mada halloween
  • 2017 star
  • 2017 Boo 2!mada halloween
  • 2018 list

Final Thoughts or Expert Analysis

Perry has proven to be one of the most successful actors, directors and producers in the entertainment industry. He was incredibly successful and produced an impressive body of work that earned him international fame and financial success.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tyler Perry

Who is Tyler Perry?

Perry is a renowned actor, director, playwright and producer who has achieved global success in the entertainment industry.

How old is Tyler Perry?

Perry is an American national born September 13, 1969 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

How tall is Tyler Perry?

Perry stands at 6 feet 5 inches (1.96 meters).

yes Tyler Perry Married?

Perry is married to Ethiopian model and human rights activist Gelila Bekele (2009-2020). The couple have a son named Aman.

How much Tyler Perry worth?

Perry’s estimated net worth is around $1 billion

How much money does Tyler Perry make?

Perry’s salary is rumored to be around $80 million.

Where does Perry live?

Perry A resident of Atlanta, USA, we will upload photos of his home as soon as we get them.

yes Perry dead or alive?

Perry Alive and in good health. There have been no reports of him becoming ill or having any health-related problems.

Where is Perry now?

Perry remains an active player in the creative entertainment industry.

Tyler Perry contact person

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