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Traveller Terrified As She Lands At Airport And Discovers She’s ‘been AirTag Tracked’

A plane passenger has shared her horror after landing from her flight to discover her phone was being tracked by an AirTag.

TikTok user @geegreenxo seeks advice on the platform after flashing a shocking message after touching ground.

Gee flew with a friend from Leeds Bradford Airportand put your phone in airplane mode while in Ireland.

But back home in West Yorkshire, an alert popped up on her phone informing her that someone had been tracking her every move with an AirTag. Dublin Live report.

This apple She told her followers that at 8.13am, just minutes after arriving in Dublin, she was tagged — a small tracking tag used like a key ring to locate objects.

The small tags are up to 1.26 inches and are used to prevent people from losing their belongings.

TikTok user @geegreenxo freaked out after realizing someone put a tracking device in her bag while traveling to Dublin



Gee only found out she was being stalked after turning her phone off airplane mode after returning home from a trip, at which point she had been stalked for hours



The documented journey shows her in all her movements while in Dublin, before flying across the Irish Sea on her return to Leeds.

Posting the video, she said: “Went to Dublin today with friends. Flew out this morning, flew back tonight, landed in Leeds and got this notification when I switched off airplane mode.

“So I thought, ‘What’s this about?’ Like when I turned off airplane mode, it was the first thing that popped up on my phone.

“So, I hit ‘OK’ at the bottom, and it came up with this ‘air tag detected’ sign that said ‘contacted you first thing this morning at 8:13 am’.

“Keep in mind I was at Dublin Airport at this time, I landed at about 8:00am so had to go through security and stuff like that, but I was at Dublin Airport.

“I thought, ‘This can’t be right’, I don’t have an Airtag, I’ve seen some videos of Airpods malfunctioning, but I don’t have AirPods, I can’t afford them.

“So I took a look to see if it had been following me.

“Anywhere I was in Dublin today, it was following me. So it started from the airport, it was 8.13am again, followed me into the city center and it followed me everywhere I was in the city center.

The gadget means the person who planted it will be able to follow her home across the Irish Sea



“It’s come to this point, just wait…follow me all the way across the Irish Sea.”

An alert on Gee’s phone tells her that “the owner of this AirTag can see your current location.”

Terrified, she quickly rummaged through her bag and belongings to find the tag and tried the “Find My iPhone” function to no avail.

“I stripped off as soon as I got off the plane. I searched every pocket, I searched my hair, I searched my shoes, I searched my bra, I searched everywhere,” she added.

“Then I thought, it has to be in my bag. So I got out my phone, took out my passport, and dumped the bag in the bin and looked.”

Thankfully, Gee was right to be skeptical when she noticed that DingTalk stopped after she put the packaging in the trash.

However, users who commented on the clip told Gee that the hashtag could be used to track people using it to track her every move.

“You should keep the AirTag because the police will be able to see its owner and have full details on whoever is following you,” one person commented.

“The reason it didn’t go off is because whoever it belongs to has removed the alarm from the label,” explained another.

According to Apple, “You will be notified if any AirTags, AirPods, or other Find My Network accessories that have been separated from their owners are found to have moved with you over time.”

“These features were created specifically to stop people from trying to track you without your knowledge. If you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, Find Me will send a notification to your Apple device.”

Apple users who want to receive alerts about AirTags can do so by turning on Location Services in their settings, provided they have iOS or iPadOS 14.5 or later.

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