Tradwife Estee Williams Husband: Who Is Conner Williams?

Tradwife Estee Williams is on TikTok, and it’s time to learn more about her husband, Conner Williams. This article gives you details about his age, job and relationships. So, who is Connor?

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Meet TikTok’s Tradwife Estee Williams Husband Conner Williams

TikTok’s Tradwife Estee Williams is currently married to Conner Williams. Tradwife has been posting to her followers about her relationship details and content related to what it takes to be a traditional wife. Connor and Esty met in middle one of her Tik Tok Before she got married, she shared that she was marrying the boy she used to tease in middle school.

Estie revealed in March 2022 that Conor proposed to her with her dream ring, princess cut playing cardsShe captioned the IG post, “I couldn’t be happier today. My best friend proposed to me on the hill 🤍 Connor Wayne Williams will be my husband soon and this is so surreal I am the luckiest woman to call this man mine. The hard work you put in day in and day out will never go unnoticed. You are truly a one-of-a-kind treasure. I will always love you.”

The engaged couple married in January 2023 at the First Baptist Church of Richmond, where she was a child. She explained her marriage further, adding: “Our wedding was beautiful and touching. Being one under God will always be our greatest blessing. We incorporated the Christian tradition of foot-washing to represent humility And serving your spouse, the unity candle represents oneness, and of course communion. This day will always be one of my most cherished memories.”

Esty also imparts some tips for strengthening your marriage. For example, she avoids unnecessary interactions without her husband around, such as going to the gym alone while she only goes with Connor. She also doesn’t ask her husband to help her with housework because he does manual work. Estee also lets her husband make major financial decisions and prepares meals according to Conner’s preferences.

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The married couple has yet to share any plans regarding their parenthood.

Since her TikTok explosion, Estee has been Mirror and daily mail“People are afraid of being completely dependent on their partner, but in an ideal world, that’s what marriage is about,” she told Mirror. I was nannying until we got engaged in 2022, but I stopped because I was craving that lifestyle.”

She added, “I’ve gotten a lot of criticism since I started posting on social media. A lot of people think I’m taking women back to the 1950s and find it totally offensive. Choose to be ashamed.”

Estee wears 1950s-inspired clothing—choosing a skirt instead of leggings. Estee’s Christian faith inspired her decision to serve her husband, which she describes as “an act of honor in the eyes of God.” While online critics called Esty “backward,” she believes being a traditional wife gets a “bad rap” and said she and Connor “are equally reliant on each other.”

For Estee, cooking is an important part of fulfilling her responsibilities to her husband. “I spend three to five hours a day in the kitchen,” she said. “It’s important that my family eat home-cooked meals and not overly processed foods.”

The couple also hunt their own food – including deer, pigeons and rabbits. “My husband is an avid hunter and we usually keep game in the fridge year-round,” she says. “Our freezer is full of game. Other than that, the only thing we can put in it is a bag of frozen fruit.”

In addition to cooking for her husband, Estee keeps their house looking tidy and clean and believes in being “completely at home for him”.

Aside from cleaning and cooking, Estee and her husband lead a very traditional lifestyle. “We don’t put TVs in living rooms or bedrooms,” she said. “We minimize our usage and only watch on weekends. If we want to watch a movie, we watch it on our laptop. A lot of women these days wear leggings all the time – and I used to. But outside the house, I believe it’s better a skirt that covers the body.”

The secret to their relationship, Esty says, is trust.

connor williams age

Connor Williams is 23 years old.

Who are Connor Williams’ parents?

Currently, there is no information about Connor Williams’ parents. He did not post any photos or share any information about his family.

connor williams work

Conner Williams has a job as an electrician.According to his Facebook, he is at Davis and Green Services.according to indeed.coman electrician earns $25.68 an hour in Virginia.

Is Connor Williams on Instagram?

Yes, Conner Williams on Instagram (@c_williams1331) and Facebook (@conner.williams.39982).

Related FAQs

  • When is Connor Williams’ birthday?

Conor Williams’ birthday is May 17th.

  • Where is Connor Williams from?

Conner Williams is a native of Richmond, Virginia.

  • How tall is Connor Williams?

According to his photo, Connor Williams is less than 6 feet tall.

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