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Top Gun 3 Would Have To Overcome An 80s Threequel Curse

inevitable sequel Top Gun: Maverick, top gun 3, It will be necessary to overcome a specific curse that often followed the 1980s film trilogy.the original Top Gun Coming out in 1986, a sequel took 25 years to release. Top Gun: Maverick is released in 2022 and continues the franchise in a much improved way. The sequel’s box office receipts bear it out, Top Gun: Maverick It grossed more than $1.4 billion worldwide, making it the second highest-grossing film of 2022.

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With the film becoming the second post-pandemic film to cross the $1 billion threshold, negotiations naturally began to revolve around a third Top Gun Movie.While it has yet to be officially confirmed, the stars maverick seems confident top gun 3 It will happen eventually. However, if a third film does come out, it will have to overcome the franchise curse of the trilogy of the 1980s, where the quality of the first two often declined.

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Top Gun 3’s script needs to justify its existence

one way top gun 3 This curse can be overcome by proving its existence. Top Gun: Maverick Faced with the challenge of reinventing an ’80s franchise using modern technology, and wisely avoiding being an overindulgent fan service movie, the emotional weight is minimal. Due to this, Top Gun: Maverick Becoming a rare Legacy sequel that vastly improves on its predecessor. From in-camera action to emotionally charged script, Top Gun: Maverick cement yourself as one of The Best Movies of 2022 Many people didn’t anticipate this before the release.

This is mostly due to the way the script is written.if top gun 3 To avoid the trio spell of the ’80s, an equally strong script was needed.it’s easy top gun 3 Became a product of corporate greed only because of the impressive box office haul of its predecessor. However, top gun 3 must be born of love, maverick obviously. in doing so, top gun 3 The ’80s curse that plagued the following franchises can be avoided.

Other ’80s franchises with a third entry

From Loki, alien, and terminator, The trio curse of the ’80s is palpable, just to name a few specific examples. All three series were staples of the 1980s, although the first two were released in the late ’70s. terminator Arguably the strongest curse to support, both 1984s terminator and the 1991 Terminator 2: Judgment Day Count some of the best sci-fi action movies.A third film to revive the franchise in the 2000s Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, Not bad by any means, but falling short of the unbelievably lofty heights of its predecessor, which the subsequent sequels continue to prove.

The same goes for David Fincher’s work Alien 3, its screenplay is considered much weaker than ridley scott’s Alien or james cameron’s Alien. The first two issues were like terminator, Considered two of the most influential sci-fi films in blockbuster cinema, subsequent revivals have yielded disappointing returns.according to Rocky, Lodge III Often seen as the beginning of a franchise’s downfall before a revival Stallone’s sixth film, rocky balboa. although Lodge III and Rocky IV Delivering heady ’80s thrills synonymous with the franchise, there’s no question the first two entries have dropped in quality.

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How Top Gun 3 shattered the tide

Executioner whips cock in Top Gun Maverick

With this in mind, the question becomes how to top gun 3 Could break the apparent curse of the third entry in the ’80s franchise.the answer is to continue what Top Gun: Maverick it has started.The sequel showed Hollywood how to handle legacy sequels by vastly improving the stories of the characters and the dramatic weight of the original Top Gun. By taking advantage of this, top gun 3 The 80s curse can be avoided entirely.

One way this can be done is to further maverick Usher in the story of a new generation of Top Gun pilots.place Myles Taylor’s Cock and Glenn Powell’s Hangman As the central character graduating from Top Gun, the trilogy could provide the dynamic that is missing from both Top Gun Movie.While Iceman and Maverick had similar antagonist-turned-wingman arcs in the first film, time jumped between the two Top Gun Its sequels meant they skipped most of the time after that.

top gun 3 It could show Rooster and Hangman’s career development and their relationship, as well as further reveal Maverick’s character.Maverick’s return could also see an emotional thread similar to the original star wars trio in a disney sequel trilogy or The Infinite Saga of the MCU Create heroes by having characters give their lives or retire happily at the end of the movie. either way, top gun 3 There are plenty of stories and, more importantly, future character potential that will make Top Gun: Maverick The sequel avoids the curse that plagued the series’ 80s counterparts.

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