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Tommy Robinson And Derek Diablo Interview Fight Viral Video

Recently, Tommy Robinson and Derek Diablo are trending on social media platforms. You must be wondering what happened between the duo that they have become the talk of the town. Well, let us tell you that they went head-to-head on a mental health podcast The Central Club but the debate ended in a ferocious fight. The entire matter has become the subject of discussion on social media. Netizens have been discussing it on their respective accounts and due to this reason, it is trending on the internet. Without any further ado, let us check what exactly happened between them. Get all the details in the article below.

On the mental health podcast The Central Club, Tommy Robinson and Derek Diablo had a heated argument that resulted in a brawl. Derek Diablo Alvarez, who has become fixated on British football culture, has made an attempt to introduce football hooliganism to the US. He stirred up controversy online by criticizing big football agencies linked to clubs like Chelsea, Millwall, and Lincoln while claiming to be an employee of his own company,

The Miami Casuals. Derek, however, faced criticism for his ongoing support of neo-hooliganism when he spoke with Tommy Robinson, a far-right activist. Tommy and Derek had never met before, and it seemed like they got off to a rocky start right away. Tommy’s handshake was sidestepped by Derek, causing Robinson to ponder if Derek was a “joke” or a “character.” To start the programme, Tommy plays a tape of Derek and queries whether his demeanour is entirely a “act.”

Then, ‘Del-Boy’ Diablo, who claims to be Riaz Khan’s friend, asks him to phone Riaz Khan. Robinson, who has fought with Khan in the past, explained that their disagreements were resolved over the phone. The first person to dig around in a glass jar filled with discussion subjects for the two is Derek. He produces the left-leaning anti-fascist movement “Antifa.” The co-founder of the English Defence League and Diablo then briefly discuss the Me Too movement before choosing a new word from the jar.

Derek interrupts the conversation by pointing out that Robinson is not the genuine “Tommy Robinson,” though. Robinson then tries to phone Sean McGovern, a “hard man,” who he claims talks about Diablo in their group chat with other “football hooligans,” according to Robinson. Diablo is prompted to quip, “I ain’t going to say what he says about you,” as a result. Follow Social Telecast for more updates.

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