November 28, 2023
Army will operationalize

Army will operationalize

In an effort to modernize its online networks and assure its efficient defense, the Indian Army has chosen to operationalize command cyber operations and support wings (CCOSW).

The choice was made last week during the Army Commanders’ Conference.

The forum reviewed the need to protect the networks and decided to operationalize Command Cyber Operations and Support Wings (CCOSW) in the near future, the Army stated on Thursday. “With rapid migration towards net centricity, which entails an increased reliance on modern communication systems, the forum reviewed the requirement to safeguard the networks.”

“It was decided to nominate lead directorates and ‘test bed’ formations to evolving optimal employment philosophies and scaling to facilitate better exploitation,” it said in a statement. “To augment the capabilities of the forces by absorption of niche technologies and equipment.”

In order to develop the best employment philosophies and scaling to enable better exploitation, it was agreed to designate head directorates and “test bed” formations, according to a statement. “To increase the forces’ capabilities by incorporating specialized tools and technology.”

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