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Titled “Closer to Home”, Review, Plot, Cast, Supernatural’s Mythology

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Predicting whether the past will return, for better or for worse, is never easy, but for the Winchesters, it’s both.

In the Winchesters season 1, episode 8, Mary, John and Millie have been keeping tabs on Samuel since his surprise return from the previous episode, but they have mixed feelings.

Meanwhile, someone from Carlos’ past resurfaces and causes trouble, while Carlos and Lata investigate the death of a musician, but some familiar faces unexpectedly return.

winchester team season 1

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The Winchesters Season 1 Episode 8 Titled “Closer to Home”

Deep-rooted emotions were ignited when Samuel returned, and the fact that he was still recovering didn’t help.

In the Winchesters season 1, episode 7, Jill McKinney reprises her role as Supernatural’s Henry, but not Samuel. I didn’t mind after seeing Tom Welling portray him in one episode.

We found him.

Fans of the original Supernatural series know Mickey Pileggi as Mary’s father and Sam and Dean’s grandfather in several episodes. Tom Welling now fills that role.

Since the outcome is the same no matter who plays what, it doesn’t need to make sense.

The Winchesters Season 1 Episode 8: The Cast

Mary’s confrontation with her father for abandoning her and disappearing is painful but necessary for her because it makes both the audience and her father realize how far she’s come since the pilot.

Seeing her father again, while she was happy, she also resented her father’s departure. Also, he knew about Akrida but didn’t tell her.

When it comes to her father, she always has a personality. She tries to focus on the investigation, but she can’t contain her anger at what Samuel has done.

Well, not everyone likes to fight monsters. I guess not everyone is suitable for playing monsters.

John’s father was an academic, another factor that Samuel didn’t appreciate very much.

We already know from Supernatural that hunters and scholars don’t always see eye to eye, and Samuel’s attitude towards them in this episode, even calling Henry a “mole,” reflects that.

This includes a brief interaction between him and Millie, who is still wary of anything to do with the hunt and doesn’t want her baby to become like his father.

I believe that after Millie was able to achieve some level of closure with Henry in the last episode, her eyes were opened to the world of the hunt.

It might be interesting to see if there are more scenes between the two parents as she protects herself and doesn’t like Henry because Samuel calls him Henry while she points out that he’s alive because her spouse hinted at her Gradually give in.

It’s interesting to delve into Samuel and Mary’s relationship and their differing perspectives on the hunt, as we witness some of that in Supernatural.

winchester team season 1
winchester team season 1

The Winchesters Season 1 Episode 8: Recap

  • Marie reconnects with her father, while Carlos does the same with a man from his past. As a result, Carlos nearly caught fire.
  • Carlos’ reunion with his former bandmate and friend opens up a whole new world for him that we didn’t even know existed.
  • It was like looking in an entertainer’s mirror and seeing how different my life was.
  • Carlos Wearing a cape It’s like looking in an entertainer’s mirror and seeing how different my life is.
    We all know Carlos’s military experience and some of his hunting experiences.
  • Now that we know more about what he’s up to when he’s not working, it almost cost him something.
  • Plus, this storyline brings back a character that Supernatural fans are fairly familiar with, tying them together.
  • Richard Speight, Jr. returns as the mischievous Loki and is as smart as ever.
  • Carlos wondered if there was any way to lift Loki’s curse, which made him feel like he had to give up on himself in order to save Jericho.
  • I won’t let you hit me!
  • While what he’s doing is in keeping with his penchant for protecting his friends at all costs, I wish we’d learn more about his musical history alongside his military past.
  • However, it was a pleasure to see Richard Speight, Jr. again.
  • I’m curious if he’ll come back and what he’ll do. Does that mean he knew exactly who Sam and Dean were when he first met them? Even Gabriel? Is it just Loki or Gabriel this time?
  • Although the ending of the story seems a bit rushed, Loki is a character we will see again.
  • On the plus side, Carlos was able to get closer to Jericho without fear of being completely burned.
  • Who knows what the Winchesters have in store for us next? I noticed it used to be on the show a lot.

The Winchesters Season 1: “Dean’s Back”

Is it a future entity? A Supernatural fan favorite? Will it be a whole new person?

I was surprised and relieved to learn that Dean had actually given the letter to his own father.

All of this means that, among many others, this is the biggest question it poses.

It’s likely that before the Supernatural ending, Dean was able to go back in time and see how it all unfolded, as he told his parents’ story.

winchester team season 1
winchester team season 1

The Winchesters Season 1 Episode 8: The Storyline

Supernatural writer Robbie Thompson joins supernatural stars Jason and Daniel Ackles in this riveting prequel to the hit series.

John and Mary, Sam and Dean’s parents, walked ahead of them. The Winchesters is an epic unsung love story about how John Winchester meets the Winchesters and risks everything to save not only their love, but the entire planet.

It is told from the perspective of the narrator, Dean Winchester (Ackles). After serving in Vietnam, John returns home and embarks on a new quest to learn more about his father’s past.

During his travels, he meets Marie, a 19-year-old demon hunter who is also looking for answers to her lost father.

To uncover the untold stories of their two families, the pair join forces with teenage hunter-trainer Latika and laid-back hunter Carlos.

Her research leads her to a rare bookstore where owner Ada has an interest in the occult and may be able to fill in the occult gaps.

While John’s mother, Millie, will stop at nothing to stop her son from the dangerous career of a demon slayer, Winchester and Campbell’s secrets run deep, and both John and Mary are determined to work together to preserve their family. Keep the tradition alive and build your own family at the same time.

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The Winchesters season 1 episode 8 release date

The Winchesters make their television debut on Tuesday, October 11, just in time for Halloween. New episodes of the show air every Tuesday at 8 p.m. as part of The CW’s fall television schedule.

The Winchesters Season 1 Episode 8: The Premise

The Winchesters will tell the epic story of how Mary and John fell in love and risked everything to save not only their relationship but the entire planet.

It began in 1972 and tells the story of 19-year-old Mary who battled evil forces from an early age.

A seasoned killer considers leaving the family business after a loss, but is forced to take over the team when her father disappears and John reappears.

John has found new purpose at home after his recent return from Vietnam. The traces of his father’s past lead him to a secret organization and face a new conflict as a hunter.

winchester team season 1
winchester team season 1

The Winchesters Season 1 Episode 8: Supernatural Myths

Ackles explained in an interview with Variety that he put a lot of thought into figuring out how to keep the show going without disrupting the established supernatural narrative.

“When COVID hit, we were schmoozing and saying things like, ‘You know what would be cool? If we went back in time and witnessed the story of a mother and son and fulfilled the plot points that we had in Supernatural, How about taking you from point A to point B to point C at the same time in a really unexpected way? Ding? How did Dad and them meet?’ he told the website.“

Then we found a way to surprise the audience and make it difficult to go back to the established myth to continue the narrative. Although mapping is challenging, we do our best. “

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