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‘Those Poor Lads’ – Brummies Left Baffled By ‘four Lads In Jeans’ Statue

The meme caused a stir on the internet – and now it looks like the statue will be as well. Famous photo of ‘Four Guys in Jeans’ has become bronze sculptureoutside New Street Station in Birmingham as part of the Birmingham Weekend event.

In 2019, jeans-clad pals Jamie Philips, Connor Humpage, Kevin Rooney and Alex Lacey took this famous photo, and the artwork was erected on the same spot. They didn’t expect the innocent photo to be shared millions of times on social media and attract a flurry of comments from internet trolls criticizing the way they dress.

But the friends built their media careers in the context of the shoot, culminating as an urban artist reach the horizon An abstract model of his quartet was revealed on Saturday. The sculptor said he was “delighted” with the result – but locals seemed unimpressed.

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Hundreds of people slammed the statue on social media, with many saying it bears little resemblance to the real lad. As Gary Cotton commented on the BirminghamLive Facebook page, some did not reject their scathing comments: “What a mess, I seem to be better at GCSE fine art. 10/10 for concept , 2/10 for execution.”

Josie Luane likened the figures to “when a chocolate Santa is melting in a package,” while Jass Farrell said, “It doesn’t look like people at all.”

‘Four Guys in Jeans’ statue unveiled outside Birmingham Central Station

Peter Palin wrote: “Looks like he’s in some school game drawing Robert De Niro in Raging Bull. Jenni Argyle commented: “This is so bad, those poor lads. “

Others saw Tat’s funny side to this photo. Kellyanne Jones wrote: “I love it!” adding a laughing emoji, while Tori Rose wrote: “Funny” is the same as both.

For those wondering why the sculpture looks the way it does, its creators offer some explanation. “The idea was inspired by the ‘Ronaldo statue’ and ‘Bolton, Watt and Murdoch’ near the library,” Tat Vision said.

The much-mocked Ronaldo bust was unveiled at Madeira airport in 2017 but has been widely criticised for not looking like the famous footballer. Tat added: “I came up with the idea of ​​doing it for the Commonwealth Games, but it was too late.

“Luckily I got in touch with the Birmingham Big Weekender and got their approval. The statue will be featured throughout the weekend as part of the event.

“It took me weeks, on and off. I used four female models, and I wore skinny women’s jeans and a top. The head was made of pulp, all of which was painted nicely and shiny The bronze effect. I’m happy with the look of it, just to connect the heads. Hope they don’t fall off.”

On his thoughts on the meme, Tat Vision added: “I was puzzled and amused when I first saw Sea Shanty. When I found out it was located in Birmingham, I was fascinated by it.

“I love their muscular upper body proportions and the tight fit of their pants. It’s like they’re being squeezed out. They all look cute.”

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