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The UK is in for a FIVE-DAY scorcher as the ‘North African desert’ heat brings a 32-degree heatwave to the UK.

According to forecasters, a scorching heatwave will hit Britain next week as a “Spanish plume” brings scorching 32°C temperatures.

A major heatwave is expected to begin on Wednesday and last for four to five days, according to forecasters.

“We’ve got higher pressure developing over southern Spain, which will give us some very warm air coming up from the UK as early as Wednesday next week,” forecaster Phil Morrish told the Express.

“Some extremely hot air is moving northwards into the United Kingdom from the North African desert.” A Spanish Plume is what we refer to this.

“It appears that the Spanish plume will arrive on Wednesday, with temperatures rising into the mid-twenties. Temperatures could peak on Saturday, with temperatures reaching 30 or 31 degrees in the south, 32 degrees in London, and 28 degrees in the midlands.”

“In the north, it’s 24 degrees Celsius, which is unusually warm for June.” As the Spanish plume moves north from the south, temperatures will begin to return to normal next weekend.

Spain recently experienced record-breaking heat, with temperatures reaching 38 degrees Celsius.

Temperatures in the Balearics are expected to be 70% hotter than normal, according to Aemet, Spain’s version of the Met Office. Holidaying Britons have been advised to exercise extreme caution in the extreme weather.

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