November 30, 2023

Google has previously indicated that it will launch its first tablet this year. We are almost certain that the launch will take place in May, at the company’s annual Google I/O developer conference. The good news is that, in addition to the Google Pixel Tablet, there will be a “Standalone Charging Dock.” The issue to emphasise here is that there had been no information about how much these devices would cost, including the Pixel Tablet Price. However, the charging dock tale is a bit different, as its estimated retail price was just disclosed on Amazon.

Google Pixel Tablet and Charging Dock Will Be Unveiled At Google I/O Conference

If the information is correct, the Charging dock will cost $129 dollars. Some users discovered the leak after spotting an Amazon listing for the impending Google product. Following that, the device’s Technical Details appeared online, claiming that its series is “Korlan,” which is the same codename the search giant has used to label the Pixel Tablet charging dock.

The item to note here is that the Hazel colour option appears to align closely with one of the colour options planned for the Google Pixel Tablet. The other is known as Chalk for white. According to reports, the Pixel Tablet Charging Dock would also function as a wireless charger. The Tablet could snap horizontally and vertically, thereby transforming it into a smart home display. Furthermore, the dock will include a speaker to enhance the sound of whatever is playing on the tablet.

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