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The Names, Tributes, and Photos of the Smithsburg Mass Shooting Victims


Those who were killed in the Smithsburg mass shooting.

The victims of the Maryland mass shooting in Smithsburg are shown here.

Mark Alan Frey, 50, Charles Edward Minnick Jr., 31, and Joshua Robert Wallace, 30, were named as the victims by the Washington County Sheriff’s Department. Brandon Chase Michael, 42, was shot but survived the ordeal. The assailant’s identity has yet to be revealed.

Later in this story, you’ll find photos and tributes to each of the deceased victims.

The Washington County Emergency Communications Center “received a report of an active shooter at Columbia Machine Inc., 12912 Bikle Road, Smithsburg, MD.” at approximately 2:30 p.m. on June 9, 2022, according to a news release from the Sheriff’s Department.

“The first officers on the scene were from the Smithsburg Police Department, who discovered an injured victim outside the business.” Three additional victims were found inside the business as deputies arrived on the scene, all of whom were deceased.”

Although the suspect fled, his vehicle was later discovered near Mapleville Road and Mount Aetna Road. “The suspect and the Troopers exchanged gunshots, injuring the suspect and one Trooper.” Both people were rescued and taken to a hospital for treatment. All of the victims and the suspect were current Columbia Machine, Inc. employees, according to the Sheriff’s Office.”

White males were all among the victims. “The suspect, a 23-year-old Hispanic man from West Virginia, is still being held by law enforcement at Meritus Medical Center.” The sheriff’s department wrote that his identity would not be revealed until charging documents were filed. “A semi-automatic handgun was used in both of the incidents. At this time, the caliber, make, and model of the gun are also being kept under wraps.”

The reason for the attack is still being looked into. The officer who was injured, whose name was not released, was treated and released from a local medical facility.

Here’s what you need to know about each victim.

Mark Frey

Frey worked at Columbia Machine, Inc., according to his Facebook page. and attended Smithsburg Senior High School from 2019 to present. He had a wife and children.

“Mark Frey, you will be missed!” A friend commented, “You were such a nice guy!” “I’m in shock!” another friend commented on the same thread. He’s such a nice guy. “I couldn’t imagine his wife, Angie.”

A woman wrote on Facebook,

I’m lying in bed, trying to sleep, thinking about the wife of one of my classmates! She’ll never be able to hold her husband again, hear him say I love you, or have any future plans with him!! My heart breaks for her even though I don’t know her!! People are curious as to what happened. Is there a satisfactory solution? It’s absurd!! What happened to the days when you punched or screamed at people when you were angry? Is someone being shot? Three people were killed? I’m heartbroken for my classmates, their families, all those involved, and my sweet little town!! Hold those you care about a little closer and tell them you love them because you never know when it’ll be the last time! I pray for all those who loved Mark Frey as he rests in peace!!

Joshua Wallace

“I’m sorry to say that Joshua Wallace was one of the victims of today’s shooting,” Taylor Toms wrote on Facebook. My heart has been shattered into a million pieces. Today, I lost my lifelong love. I adore you, baby, and I despise you now. Our future has vanished, and I can’t believe you’re no longer with us. “Oh, my God, I adore you.”

Wallace worked at Columbia Machine, Inc., studied at Hagerstown Community College, and lived in Clear Spring, Maryland, according to his Facebook page.

His hunting and fishing photos were shared by friends. “As difficult as it is to break the news to everyone, we lost a member today Joshua Wallace…,” one person wrote. not only a wonderful friend, but also a fantastic family member. We had many camping, fishing, and hunting trips planned, so fly high brother, I’m sure you’ll be hunting in heaven, and shoot us a monster while you’re up there. I’ll see you soon.”

Charles Minnick Jr.

FacebookSmithburg victims

Charles Edward Minnick Jr., according to his Facebook page had a husband. He went to Middleton High School and was from Wolfsville, Maryland.

CJ was his pseudonym. A friend posted on his mother’s Facebook page, “C J was one of the good ones.”

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