The Glory Kdrama season 3 update, release date, cast and story plot

Ever since the second season of the revenge K-drama “Glory” ended, the fans have gone crazy wondering if the show will be renewed and know the possible release date of the third season

If you are one of them, let us tell you, here are all the details and information you need to know about the Revenge franchise.

Moon Dong-eun and everyone else who watched this riveting Korean drama on Netflix are living for revenge. Regardless of whether you agree with the final outcome of the incident, this is still just retribution.

Glory Kdrama Season 3 Update, Release Date, Cast, Storyline

Part 2 finally gave us some of the revenge we’ve been craving against Yeo-jin and all the other culprits who made Dong Sae-eun miserable after having a good time in part 1.

But does this really mean the end of Kim Eun Sook’s global success? Will Netflix release a prequel, spin-off or add-on season to capitalize on Honor’s popularity?

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Without revealing what’s happened so far, it’s safe to assume that any of the main cast members could have a flashback in season three, even if their character has died.

With that in mind, the following notable characters may return for a third season or a spinoff:

Song Hye Kyo,

Lim Ji Yeon,

Kim Siora

Jung Sung Il,

Cha Joo Young,

Lee Do Hyun,

Park Sung Hoon,

Kang Hyeon-nam and so on.

We wouldn’t be surprised if Song Hye Kyo ends up returning to Moon Dong Eun’s role in any form, no matter how insignificant that role ends up being, since Glory’s production has to be so intense.

Honor Season 3 Potential Release Date

For those who want to know more about the release date of Revenge K-drama Season 3, let us clarify that since the previous seasons of the series were filmed back to back, the first two seasons of Glory were released three months apart .

Still, there’s no word yet on whether a third installment or season will be released, so Honor fans may have to wait a while before knowing any details. If confirmed, the show is likely to hit theaters in 2024.

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