The development of artificial intelligence will increase the value of Nvidia’s stock again

Nvidia stock plummets in October 2022 on continued weakness in the company’s gaming and data center sectors; ad-related, of course Chat Tools and artificial intelligence Die, this downtrend disappears.

Nvidia sees AI SaaS as a fundamental change in business models. In addition to the SaaS service, the company will also provide customers with access to its artificial intelligence training supercomputers.

Chat GPT Company open artificial intelligence and Bard Chatbot Google uses deep learning generative networks (GANs) to create new content that humans cannot recognize. GANs use two types of neural networks, where a generator creates new content, a discriminator evaluates that content, and then provides feedback to the generator. Therefore, GANs are slow to develop.

Morgan Stanley recently upgraded Nvidia stock to overweight and set a price target of $304 per share. This represents a 19% increase compared to the current price of Nvidia stock ($255). Currently, the company is trading at around $260 per share.

Joseph MooreMorgan Stanley analysts pointed out that Nvidia has not encountered favorable conditions in the field of gaming and data centers recently; but now the development of artificial intelligence has improved the company’s position.

In addition, it is expected that the number of graphics processors providing processing power for the commercialization of ChatGPT will reach more than 30,000 units. In this way, Nvidia’s return to the AI ​​SaaS business model may soon become a reality.

Joseph Moore He added that despite current problems in the AI ​​space, Nvidia stock cannot be ignored.

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