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The Boys Season 4 Hughie Actor Jack Quaid Teases Butcher Temp V Fallout

After being addicted, boys Season 4 Hughie actor Jack Quaid teased Butcher’s big influence on Temp V in the next season of the show. Prime Video Season 3 Adapted by Garth Ennis Pick up after a year boys In season 2, the titular group is now working for Victoria Newman’s Superhero Affairs Bureau, hoping to bring down all the rogue superheroes in exchange for giving up their quest for the Seven. After learning about Neumann’s own secret superpowers and the dark secrets of a soldier boy involving one of the world’s first and most powerful superheroes, Jensen Ackles, Hughie and Butcher set out to hunt down Vought again.

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boys Season 3 also introduced V24, a composite V variant that grants temporary superpowers to those who use it.initial Developed by Stan Edgar And Walter hopes to show it to the U.S. military, and thanks to Queen Maeve, who secretly works with the boys to help bring Walter down, several bottles of Temp V end up in Butcher and Hughie’s hands.Although they initially had reservations about using it, Butcher and Hughie found themselves addicted to using Temp V to help them against Homelander, and it seemed like it would have an impact on entering boys Season 4.

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in a recent interview typeJack Quaid offers some insights on what viewers can expect boys Season 4. When asked about the suspenseful ending to season 3 about the aftermath of Butcher’s Temp V, the Hughie actor said he doesn’t yet know how it will end, but teased the main consequences the two characters will face. Check out what Quaid said below:

Man, I mean, we have to find out, but it’s not going to be great. Butcher is like his best friend and brother. So when Hughie finds out, it’s pretty devastating news, but we’ll have to wait and see how it turns out. I haven’t read all the scripts for season 4. I really don’t know, actually. This is my time to be a fan and just let things come to me and honestly react to them as I read them. But I’m very pleased with the way the writers have prepared everything for the next season.

As Quaid puts it, boys Season 3 starts with Karl Urban’s Butcher Learned that his life was short after using Temp V, which basically melted his brain and caused brain fluid to leak out of his ears. Instead of sharing this information with Hughie, who was also addicted to the substance, Butcher knocked out his young teammates to separate him from the final fight between Butcher, Soldier Boy, Homelander and Queen Maeve.Given Hughie’s apologetic attitude to Annie after realizing he was wrong in his way, it seems at least he’ll stay away from Temp V and its harmful side effects boys Season 3.

However, since Butcher specifically hid his team on the show, it will be interesting to see if he reveals the truth about his Temp V radiation entry boys Season 4Beyond Butcher’s potential death, viewers have plenty of plot threads to look forward to heading into the next chapter of the hit superhero show, including Homelander’s meteoric rise to fame and Neuman’s seemingly successful run for vice president.While viewers wait for the show to return, they can catch the explosive boys Season 3 is now streaming on Prime Video.

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