Texas Teacher Who Assaulted Student in Class Leaving Teen Hospitalized Placed on Leave After Outrage

There is a video running on the trends of the internet related to a Texas teacher who attack a student in the class and is now on leave outraged after having been admitted to a hospital. He is under investigation after uploading a video that defines him as a criminal and that resulted in his arrest. There are so many netizens and users of social media who raised lots of questions related to this incident, So here we will discuss whole information related to the viral video, what happened in this video, and also talk about him in this article.

The video shows the teacher physically assaulting a teenager and forcibly pinning the child against the classroom wall and now the teenager was admitted to the emergency room with major injuries. He was an English teacher and he brutally shoved the 10th-grade student from one side to another side in that video.

Texas Teacher Who Assaulted Student in Class

This news gained lots of attention and an altercation broke out on Wednesday 11 January 2023. This physical assault occurred at Humble High School and the teacher did this physical assault when he realize that the student was speaking too loud according to his father named Elvert Bolden. There is video is also available on various social media platforms that describe the whole incident.

In that video, we can see that the teacher knock down the student on the ground and overturned a table then he pushed the student onto the wall and tried to pull the two apart to other students. The teacher has been suspended from school and the father of the student demanded barred from teaching after beating his son and leaving his son limping, bruised, and on crutches. The boy is admitted to the hospital and he has so major injuries. His health condition is not stable and he is getting treatment for his injuries.

His father said to the teacher “he has beaten my son and now I just want to make him arrest, charge file, and revoked the teacher’s license because I didn’t want to make happen this incident again with any other student or child. There are so many cases coming forward that present this kind of incident in which teachers free their hands on students and sometimes students free their hands on the teacher. Stay connected with socialtelecast.com to get more articles related to other news topics and the latest news of the entire world.

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