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Terrance McKinney Calls Dober Fight “A Win Even in Defeat”

Terrance McKinney, UFC Vegas 59 Weigh In Credit: Alex Behunin/Cageside Press

Rising featherweight star Terrence McKinney made his return to action Saturday at UFC Vegas 59, looking to bounce back from a loss to Drew Dober that wasn’t actually a loss in many ways.

At least not in McKinney’s eyes.

Fighting Dober on just a week’s notice, McKinney ended up in a firefight in March, knocking the veteran down, only to be knocked out by TKO himself in the later round. Needless to say, the fight didn’t leave the first frame, and McKinney’s rush to secure a stoppage, at least in part due to the nature of the short notice, cost him.

“It’s all positive because now I know I need to make the necessary adjustments when I’m fighting the top guys in the division,” McKinney (12-4) recently told the Top Turtle Podcast on Cageside Press. “I’m just ready to show the growth I’ve learned from it. Because every time you win or lose, there’s always something you can take away.”

In that sense, “I think it’s still a win for me,” McKinney continued. “I gained about 8,000 followers after that fight, so I think the hype is still there. I showed up after eight days and was the first person in the UFC to drop Drew Dober. So even a loss is a win .”

“I’m not taking anything back from it. When I have someone injured right now, I know how to choose my shots, if they can take it. Just grown a lot after that fight. I’m excited to be on Aug. 6 Demonstrate new skills.”

On August 6, at UFC Vegas 59, Terrence McKinney will face Eric “Ghost Pepper” Gonzalez. As for what happens, “surely hopefully he’ll get slapped in the face,” he told us, “but I’m also looking for commits. So if I drop him and there’s a grab bar, or something like D’arce or whatever, Just know I’ll take it and not try to knock him down until he’s still.”

Terrence McKinney will face Eric Gonzalez in the UFC Vegas 59 preliminaries at UFC Apex on Saturday, August 6, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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