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Tammy Slaton’s Post-Surgery Transformation In Photos

1000 lb sister Star Tammy Slaton appears to be doing just fine with her weight-loss plan, new and old photos show. The Kentuckian native has had a rocky road to where she is today, especially after her near-death experience. Now it looks like Tammy is finally getting out of her own way and committing to a healthier lifestyle.

exist 1000 lb sister, Tammy is known for her lack of motivation. Despite her doctor’s warnings about a host of health issues, Tammy found excuse after excuse to continue living an unhealthy lifestyle. While her younger sister, Amy Slaton, was eligible for gastric bypass surgery in Season 1, Tammy has spent the past three seasons Conflict with family members and feel sorry for myself. When fans watched season 3 end, Tammy was rushed to the hospital with a collapsed lung. Although doctors feared she would not survive, Queen Tammy survived.

Screening video of the day

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Tammy Slayton is thinner than ever

1000 lb sister Last summer, celebrity Tammy finally qualified for gastric bypass surgery. Last season ended with Tammy hanging out in a rehab center in Ohio, still wearing a wind tube around her neck, which helps her breathe. The TLC star is still heavy, but she’s drinking diet soda instead of sugary soda.whether it remains to be seen Tammy can stick to her health planand start losing weight.

Tammy Slayton is making progress

A few weeks after Tammy’s surgery, 1000 lb sister Celebrities had a small setback due to surgical complications. Instead of taking her out of rehab, doctors let Tammy know she should stay longer so the nurses could keep an eye on her. Thanks to this extended stay, Tammy really started to lose the extra pounds.

Fans see a whole new Tammy

this month, 1000 lb sister Star Tammy shows off her new look while sharing her tips for working out. In her latest video, Tammy documents herself sweating as she works out on the weight machines in the rehab gym. Tammy appears to be at her lowest weight in years. Muscles are clearly visible and her face looks slimmer.With the new season on the small screen now, it’s time See Tammy turn a new page.

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