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Suspicious Bag Found In Delhi’s Rohini, Sparks Panic

A suspicious bag has been found in the Capital City New Delhi on 4 August 2022. According to the reports the bag has been found in the Rohini area in Delhi. This incident has tremored everyone and all the security agencies are on high alert currently. The Delhi police officials have stated that the suspicious bah has been found in the parking lot of DC chowk in Sector 9 Rohini. The security agencies are already on a high alert, ahead of India’s 75th Glorious Independence Day on 15 August.

The police officials have further stated that a bomb squat, and bomb detection squat with shifting dogs have immediately rushed to the incident spot for further investigation. There are currently no more updates regarding this as investigation agencies are still figuring out about the bag. Our research team is currently working on it and soon we will be back with the latest developments in this incident. Although this incident of the suspicious bag has tremored the whole National Capital.

Rohini Bomb Blast Sparks Panic

The capital city is currently under a high level of security checks by police officials in each public spot because of Independence Day on 15 August. The police department and other national security agencies are currently on high alert ahead of Independence Day. Police departments and security agencies are leaving no stones in security measures in the whole capital region. Every time during this period, the Whole country and especially the Capital city of Delhi is on high alert and thus the security of the national capital is always super tight during this time.

The whole country is run by the capital and thus there is no chance of security lapse in the national capital region. Indian capital and major cities are always the prime target of terrorist groups and especially during this time of the year. Bomb squat team is reaching the location where this bag has been found soon they will find out all regarding this suspicious bag. Our research team is currently looking into this news story and soon will be back with the latest developments in this. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.

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