‘Stalker vibes?’ Tammy’s husband Caleb was a fan, purposefully sought her out * starcasm.net

on tonight’s show 1000 lb sister Tammy Slaton’s husband, Caleb Willingham, deliberately requested a transfer to her rehab center, leading others to fear he was engaging in “stalker” behavior, it has been revealed.

Tammy met Caleb in rehab after a tracheal infection thwarted her plans to move back home.

Like Tammy, Caleb suffered from bronchitis and weighed over 700 pounds at his peak. At the time of filming, he weighed 480 lbs.

Tammy said Caleb had been in a room at the facility for some time and had only recently come out.

He bonded with Tammy right away as soon as he came out, and their relationship developed quickly. In just a few weeks, Caleb proposed to Tammy.

When Tammy called her family to share her news, they were concerned that the proposal was coming too soon and that Caleb was also struggling with his weight. They worry about what life after recovery will look like.

Tammy may need to take care of Caleb, or they may regain weight together.

After the call, her family continued to discuss the potential downsides of Tammy’s new relationship.

Later, Caleb revealed to Tammy’s friend Daniel that he and Tammy started chatting online before being transferred to her rehab center.

“Wait, you looked at her social media and you came here?” Danielle asked. “What do they all do? Stalker feeling.”

“I don’t stalk, I do research,” Caleb said in his defense.

Tammy admitted that his behavior was a bit odd, but forgave him. “It might be a bit of a stalker. But I’m not mad at him,” she said.

Tammy and Caleb married in rehab on November 19, 2022, after only three weeks of knowing each other.

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