Southern Charm star Austen Kroll is dating Taylor Ann Green

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Southern Charm star Austen Kroll dating Taylor Ann Green

Just when we thought Bravo Field couldn’t get any more chaotic…

“Southern Charm” stars Austin Kroll and Taylor Ann Green hooked up at the start of the new season’s “Start,” several sources confirmed to Page Six on Wednesday.

“Taylor has been through pretty much every cast member except Craig,” said an exclusive source on Page Six, referring to Kroll’s colleague Craig Conover, who has a relationship with Paige DeSober. relation.

Kroll, who has been dating Green’s close friend Olivia Flowers for about six months, and Green, who has been dating Kroll’s close friend Shep Rose for two years, will “try to say they just kissed,” we’re told. . But as the season progressed, “it turns out there’s more to it than that.”

“She was drunk. [Season 9] It’s going to be about her,” the source said, adding that at a casting party, Green, 28, “screamed and cried and screamed in front of all the guests. “

Photo of Austen Kroll smiling in his car
Several sources confirmed to Page Six that Austin Kroll and Taylor Ann Green hooked up early in the filming of Season 9 of “Southern Charm.”
Taylor Ann Green poses for a photo
A source teased Page Six that the upcoming hit show Bravo will center on Green.
Tyler Lenglin/Instagram
Photo of Taylor Green, Shep Rose, Olivia Flowers and Austen Kroll walking in the vineyard together
Before their split, Kroll and Olivia Flowers hung out with Shep Rose and Green a lot.
Tyler Lenglin/Instagram

Rose, 43, has been best friends with Kroll, 35, and she’s been “fine” about the situation, going so far as to “protect” Green, who lives alone, for years, the source said.

Meanwhile, 30-year-old Flowers—one of Green’s closest friends—”realized [of the situation]But she has bigger issues to deal with,” they said, referring to the painful death of her brother Conner Flowers last month.

Our sources didn’t discuss the current status of Flowers and Green’s friendship, but made fun of other female actors who weren’t interested in being a part of it.

Olivia Flowers and Taylor Ann Green pose for a photo in red capes
Before the play, Hua Huaqing was as fat as a thief.
Olive Flower/Instagram
Shep Rose and Austen Kroll pose for a red carpet photo shoot
Ross, meanwhile, is “okay” because his ex-girlfriend has hooked up with one of his closest friends, Kroll.
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“The girls won’t fuck her because they know she’s crazy and will do whatever it takes to get up the ladder,” the source said.

We’ve also heard rumors that, in addition to Kroll, Green is having an affair with “friend” Whitney Sadler-Smith.

Bravo did not comment, and Kroll and Flowers did not address their alleged affair.

Screenshot of Olivia Flowers Mirror Selfie
Both Green and Flowers are currently on vacation in Jamaica.
Olive Flower/Instagram
Photos of Bread Ravenell, Austen Kroll, Olivia Flowers, Levy Bonaparte, Craig Conover, Shep Rose, Kathryn Calhoun Dennis, Naomi Olindo, Venity Aspen, Taylor Ann Green "Jiangnan charm" cast photo
Filming continues on Season 9 of Southern Charm.
NBCU image library via Getty Images

Filming is underway on season 9 of the hit series Bravo, and some of the cast, including Kroll, Green, Sudler-Smith, Flowers, Conover and Venita Aspen, have flown to Jamaica. It looks like Ross isn’t joining them.

Flowers shared a video of Kroll, Sud-Smith and Conover standing on a train bound for their destination.

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Meanwhile, Aspen and Green posted a story about their ocean-view home on Instagram Wednesday.

News of Kroll and Green’s affair comes after their Bravolebrities co-workers Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss were charged with arguing with their ex-girlfriend of nearly a decade, Aaliyah. Ariana Madix hit the headlines after her affair.

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