Sophia Bui, Harrison Wagner’s girlfriend, has spoken out in the aftermath of his death, saying, “I’m so brokenhearted.”

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The touching tributes come just one day after Harrison was declared dead at 5:14 a.m. in North Hollywood, California. According to a report obtained by Us Weekly on Tuesday from the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner,

On Monday, the DJ was discovered dead in a North Hollywood parking lot. The medical examiner deferred the cause of death following the autopsy, and further investigation was requested. The doctor will reevaluate the case after the results of the tests and studies, according to the filing.

Harrison’s father, Jack, 62, has remained silent about his son’s death, which he shares with ex-wife Kristina Wagner. The two former soap opera stars married in 1993 after meeting on the set of General Hospital. They divorced 13 years later. (The Melrose Place alum has a daughter Kerry from a previous relationship, and the former couple also have a son Peter.)

Harrison had a long battle with addiction prior to his death, and his disappearance in 2016 was the result of that battle. At the time, his father, Jack, 62, used social media to try to locate his son.via Twitter“I’m concerned for the safety of my youngest child.” Harrison, like myself, has struggled with drugs and alcohol. He’s had a relapse and has been missing for the past five days.”

Fortunately, five days after the scare, the music producer was discovered. Harrison, on the other hand, became more outspoken about his efforts to change his life.

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“It’s NEVER TOO LATE TO MAKE A CHANGE IN ONE’S LIFE, especially if one is struggling. Trust me, I’ve been there.” But, on the other hand, we emerge with a new perspective on the world.☀,” he wrote via Instagram in September 2021.

Harrison’s final message, which he posted on May 22, was also upbeat. “Keep your attention on the task at hand.” YOU and your thoughts are all that is left of you. 🤔,” he wrote alongside a photo of himself in Los Angeles on Instagram.

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